Monteriggioni Tour

The hilltop town of Monteriggioni is known for its circular walls and 14 distinct towers and what better way to see it than on a Monteriggioni Tour with your private guide from Italy’s Best? The Sienese founded Monteriggoni in 1203 as a fortress against the Florentine Republic. The walls had been damaged and rebuilt on a few occasions, and the ones standing today date back to 1265. This little jewel of a town is the perfect place to stop for lunch or gelato between Siena and San Gimignano or Colle Val D’Elsa.

The town of Colle di Val d’Elsa is divided into two parts: Colle Alta (the upper town) and Colle Bassa (the lower town). Colle Alta is resplendent with medieval architecture. Your private guide from Italy’s Best will bring you to the Piazza dell Duomo where you will visit the Archaeological Museum inside the Palazzo Pretorio. The nearby Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace house the Museum of Sacred Art. Your guide will lead you off the square along the picturesque Via delle Volte, then we make our way to Colle Bassa, the high town’s modern counterpart.

Monteriggioni tour

Colle Val D’Elsa is one of the world’s most important crystal producers and many shops within the lower town sell local crystal glass. Want to learn more about this tradition? Pay a visit to the beautifully curated Museum of Crystal, and we can also arrange for you to see a workshop or production factory.