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  • Marble and Mosaic Masters

    Enjoy exclusive visit to marble and mosaic workshops during this private Venice artisan tour, including the only remaining glass furnace in Venice.


    • Visit Giancarlo Comelato’s workshop where traditional techniques of sculpting marble are still used
    • Witness Giancarlo’s pride and passion for tradition and artisanship in the shop’s Marble Garden
    • Visit the Orsoni Mosaic Glass Furnace to see how glass sheets and mosaic tiles are made
    • See the ‘Library of Colors’ which contains countless tones, nuances, and colors beyond imagination showing the Orsoni family’s passion for mosaic art
  • Milan Food Tour

    During your private Milan food tour, led by a culinary expert, you will explore the Brera district & learn the sweet & savory dishes that make Milan unique.


    • Half day Milan food tour with expert local food guide
    • Receive tips on the best places to eat risotto milanese, which is a subtle saffron risotto, or the cotoletta milanese, thin veal cutlets breaded then fried as well as the trendiest bars for real Milanese aperitif
  • Milan Overview Tour

    A private Milan overview tour, starting with the world-famous Duomo and terminating at Milan’s opulent opera house, La Scala.


    • Marvel at the third biggest Cathedral in the world, in the old city of Milan
    • See the city from the top terraces of the Duomo, and explore the Cathedral inside
    • La Scala Square and La Scala Opera House (outside view)
    • Piazza dei Mercanti –Mercanti Square
    • Visit the current locale of Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Modern Rome: The Third Rome

    During this fascinating private tour in EUR and the Garbatella district, you’ll explore the Facist era architecture and history of 1930s Rome.


    • Learn about the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the so-called Square Colosseum, an iconic example of Fascist architecture
    • Marvel at the immense 1930s-era Palazzo dei Congressi and find out the history of this important and historic building
    • See “La Nuvola,” the recently-completed New Congress Center, a fascinating ultramodern complex designed by award-winning architect Massimiliano Fuksas
    • Explore the Garbatella quarter and experience this early example of a “Garden City” planned community
  • Naples – A Culinary Day

    During this Naples food tour visit a local market and then enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson in an authentic Neapolitan home.


    • Naples private market tour with opportunities to shop
    • Witness lively locals in the vibrant city market
    • Learn the ins and outs of traditional Neapolitan cuisine, and not just pizza
    • Come away with new cooking skills and recipes learned in an authentic private home
  • Naples – The Panoramic Bay

    Enjoy the highlights of the city in this Naples private tour, designed to orient you to the city in the company of an expert guide.


    • See prevalent Naples landmarks including the Royal Palace (outside view), Castel Nuovo, Piazza del Plebiscito and Naples’ oldest and most versatile castle, the unique Castel dell’Ovo, which has even once served as a prison under Norman rule
    • Take in the best panoramic views across the Bay of Naples, a fantastic photo opportunity
    • View the exterior of Europe’s oldest opera house, Teatro di San Carlo, dating back to the 18th century, and then cross the street to wander through the Galleria Umberto I shopping gallery
  • Pasta Making Lesson

    A private pasta making lesson in Rome and learn the skills to prepare your own delicious Italian pasta dish with an English-speaking chef.



    • Private pasta making lesson with an English-speaking chef
    • Discover different sauces and their recipes
    • Enjoy the pasta you’ve created at the end of your lesson
  • Pizza and Gelato Making in Rome

    Make your pizza and gelato making in this private hands-on workshop in Rome. At the end of your lesson you’ll have the chance to eat your creations.


    • Five-hour pizza and gelato making lesson
    • Learn how to mix, knead and roll out pizza dough
    • Make gelato and sorbet with the assistance of a culinary expert
    • Dine on your pizza and gelato at the end of the hands-on workshop
  • Rome for Food Lover’s Tour

    Bring an empty stomach during this Rome food tour, where we will sample everything from fresh cheeses to pizza and gelato with a culinary expert.


    • Snack your way through Rome’s Centro Storico with an English-speaking food expert
    • Learn about Rome’s vast array of culinary artisans—from coffee to pizza, from cheese to gelato
    • Discover Rome’s culinary traditions

  • Rome Gelato Tour

    Taste your way through Rome’s best gelato shops with an expert guide and learn the history of gelato and its current trends during this Rome gelato tour.



    • Taste a wide variety of frozen treats, including gelato, granita, and sorbet.
    • Learn the history of gelato from a culinary expert
    • Gain exclusive knowledge of the best gelaterie in Rome
  • Tasting Italy Glass by Glass

    During this 3-hour Italian wine tasting in Rome you’ll taste 5 to 7 wines paired with appetizers, guided by an English-speaking sommelier.


    • Explore the basics of food and wine pairings with an English-speaking sommelier.
    • Get an overview of the history of wine making in an enoteca.
    • Taste a selection of 5 to 7 wines with appetizers.


  • Testaccio Neighborhood and Market

    During Italy’s Best’s Testaccio Market Tour, your culinary expert will guide you through a local Roman market and you’ll nibble on a variety of local products.



    • Testaccio market tour led by an English-speaking food expert
    • Sample olive oil and balsamic vinegar from local specialty shops
    • Visit a pasta shop, bakery, and deli
    • Nosh on some special pizza—thought to be the best in Rome