Marble and Mosaic Masters

Enjoy exclusive visit to marble and mosaic workshops during this private Venice artisan tour, including the only remaining glass furnace in Venice.


  • Visit Giancarlo Comelato’s workshop where traditional techniques of sculpting marble are still used
  • Witness Giancarlo’s pride and passion for tradition and artisanship in the shop’s Marble Garden
  • Visit the Orsoni Mosaic Glass Furnace to see how glass sheets and mosaic tiles are made
  • See the ‘Library of Colors’ which contains countless tones, nuances, and colors beyond imagination showing the Orsoni family’s passion for mosaic art


Venice Artisan Tour

Marble and stone cover many of Venice’s brick-based buildings, and this private Venice artisan tour visits the last remaining marble shop in the city, shedding light on this artisan craft. The pride and passion for tradition and artisanship are evident in the works that you’ll find displayed here in an enclosed “Marble Garden.” You’ll marvel at the carved benches, bas-relief sculptures, inlaid tables, fountains, thrones, and more. Your tour will include a visit to the Orsoni Mosaic Glass Furnace, the only glass furnace still active in Venice, to see how glass sheets and mosaic tiles are made, and you’ll be amazed by their “Library of Colors” which showcases the amazing variety of possible hues and shades, as well as the mosaic artworks gallery which hosts an astonishing international collection.

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