Meet the Owners

Today, Tony’s sons Luca and Lorenzo manage Italy’s Best along with their sister Laura. Tony instilled in his children a passion for the job from an early age as they would accompany him around Italy to attend the spectacular dinners and exclusive events he arranged for American incentive groups.
Watching their father from the sidelines, Luca and Lorenzo absorbed the tricks of the trade as well as Tony’s philosophy, which encompassed professionalism, respect and detail-orientation to produce exemplary results. The brothers studied linguistics in high school then obtained university degrees in communication and art history. Following graduation, their love of travel and the English language brought them to England, Scotland, Ireland and finally the United States. Here, they gained a deep understanding of American culture, which has enhanced their work for Italy’s Best as they took on a larger, more active role in developing programs, itineraries and services.
In addition to Tony’s work ethic, Luca and Lorenzo inherited their father’s love of art as well as his ability to interact with clients in an intimate, personal manner. Today, they are hands-on in the creation of all of the itineraries and services provided by Italy’s Best. In order to design these deluxe itineraries, exclusive events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions, Luca and Lorenzo maintain the distinguished network of relationships Tony started four decades ago. The teachings of a great master have shaped his sons’ personalities and attitudes, enabling them to acquire a perspective that is essential for travel.

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