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March 2018

February 2018

Trajan: Building the Empire

Trajan. Building an Empire exhibition at the Trajan Markets The Trajan Markets in Rome have a great exhibition on at the moment titled ‘Trajan: Building the Empire’, to celebrate 1900 years since the death of Trajan, one of the greatest Roman Emperors. The optimus princeps brought the Roman Empire to its maximum capabilities and the mammoth Trajan Markets shopping centre construction, the location [...]

What was school like in ancient Roman times?

Roman education systemPrior to the 3rd century B.C. the Roman system of education was based on the Roman social institution of patria potestas, in which the father or highest ranking male of the family acted as head of the household, known as paterfamilias. Education was more basic, but children learned reading, writing, and Arithmetic to enable them to understand [...]

January 2018

The Pantheon: Top Ten Things You Need to Know

Top Ten things to know about the Pantheon Modern day architects still take inspiration from this mega wow building.. and here’s what you need to know. 1. The word Pantheon is Greek and means all of all the Gods, as the Pantheon was built as a temple to the 12 ancient Roman Gods. 2. It is the best preserved ancient Roman monument. 3. [...]

3 brilliant exhibitions on in Rome this Spring

There are so many brilliant exhibitions on in Rome in 2018, where to begin. Here are 3 great choices to be excited about.. 1. Einstein exhibition at the MAXXI Einstein and Gravity: The Universe after EinsteinOn now until April 29th 2018 Albert Einstein’s article that gave rise to modern cosmology which transformed the models of the cosmos and the universe in the mind of [...]

The Roman Baths in 3D

 Did you know that the Baths of Caracalla was the first Italian archaeological site available in 3D. Walk through the Roman world as it once was, thanks to the latest digital technology, which is fast becoming the exciting new way to see the past! Educational and unique, this is a dynamic way for the entire family to make the most of their [...]

October 2017

The medieval district of Trastevere

The medieval district of Trastevere in Rome’s beautiful historical centre is a must see and a foodie haven. Trastevere means to ‘traverse’ the ‘Tevere’, in other words on other side of the river, which is a side of Rome brimming with delicious gelaterie and must do boutiques.Santa Maria in Trastevere The church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of [...]

September 2017

August 2017

The best 3 churches in Rome

Wandering around Rome, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with a multitude of museums and about a million must see churches. Which is why we have done the work for you, by picking the 3 best Baroque churches. Lets begin with Saint Peters Basilica. Saint Peters BasilicaThe worlds largest basilica housing Bernini’s 1634 bronze Baldacino masterpiece, was designed to overwhelm the viewer [...]