Naples – A Culinary Day

During this Naples food tour visit a local market and then enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson in an authentic Neapolitan home.


  • Naples private market tour with opportunities to shop
  • Witness lively locals in the vibrant city market
  • Learn the ins and outs of traditional Neapolitan cuisine, and not just pizza
  • Come away with new cooking skills and recipes learned in an authentic private home


Naples Food Tour: Market Visit and Cooking Class

It’s true that Naples is famous for pizza, but don’t forget about the countless other delectable culinary traditions of the city, from fried treats to luscious pastas, and tasty seafood to local sweets. On this Naples food tour and cooking adventure, you’ll learn all about Neapolitan culinary culture. Your private food expert will take you to a vibrant market where you’ll explore and shop with a local expert, who will teach you about the origins and the traditions of Neapolitan cuisine. Next you’ll visit an authentic Neapolitan home where you’ll be taught the hands-on the secrets of cooking in Naples by your talented host. When you go back home, you can impress your friends and family with what you learned in the kitchen!