Artisans of Florence

Enjoy this artisan tour in Florence where your expert guide will help you explore the hidden artisan workshops of the Oltrarno neighborhood.


  • Stroll through the beautiful Oltrarno quarter and see artisans at work
  • Learn about the crafting techniques of leatherworkers, silversmiths and shoe¬†manufacturers
  • Lecture on the Tuscan artisan traditions


Artisan Tour in Florence

The tradition of producing artisanal goods is a defining component of Florence’s history. On this artisan tour in Florence, you will stroll through the Oltrarno neighborhood. This quarter has housed artisan workshops for the last five hundred years. You will see leatherworkers, silversmiths, shoe manufacturers and hat makers producing handmade goods as they did for generations of royalty and nobility. Our guide, a qualified handicraft assistant, will lecture about the artisan traditions of Tuscany, and the value of work and manufacturing in Italian culture.

At the end of your artisan tour in Florence you will have a newfound appreciation for Made in Italy handicrafts, which have been the base of the Italian economy for years. You will also understand the current issues facing artisans as the global economy evolves.

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