Fine Papermaking Workshop

During this hands-on, 90-minute workshop, your family will learn the art of fine papermaking in Florence under the guidance of an expert.


  • Learn the ancient art of book restoration
  • Art of conserving fine paper
  • One off opportunity and insight to an ancient Florentine craft


Florence Papermaking Workshop

A 90-minute hands-on workshop dedicated to the art of restoring antique prints and books. This class takes you on a fascinating journey behind the scenes of papermaking, sharing traditional techniques developed over centuries and brought to perfection in Florence. Take on the role of artisan as you learn how to conserve and restore old prints and to make fine paper, as well as many intriguing anecdotes about this amazing art form. This Florence papermaking workshop is fun and informational for the whole family, allowing children to participate in a fun experience that also ties into traditional Florentine culture.

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