Renaissance Life in Florence

During this Florence kids tour, learn about Renaissance life in Florence with the entire family under the guidance of an expert licensed guide.


  • Learn how Florence was the center of the rebirth of the artistic world
  • Great tour for all the family to gain an understanding of Florentine art
  • Learn about the lives of the artists
  • Encourages creativity in children among the group


Florence Kids Tour

During the Renaissance era, Florence was considered the center of the artistic world. It was a time of rebirth and Enlightenment, and art was experiencing a dramatic change, due to new techniques introduced by Tuscan artists and the city’s booming commerce and talented trade guilds. Our Renaissance Life for Families walk offers the ideal opportunity for children (and their lucky parents) to learn more about these innovative and exciting artistic changes that were taking place during this unique period of Florentine history. This Florence kids tour lays the perfect foundation to better understand further art explorations in town.

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