Excursion to Pinocchio Park

Designed to capture your child’s imagination, this private Pinocchio Park tour also takes in the fascinating Collodi Butterfly House.



  • Visit to the Pinocchio Park and The Collodi Butterfly House
  • Learn about the inspiration for the stories of the Adventures of Pinocchio
  • Invoke the imagination as well as a nature learning experience


Pinocchio Park Tour

If there was a tour designed to inspire children’s imagine, this is the one. The Pinocchio Park is no ordinary theme park. Every stage on the route offers a surprise, amid the very plants and trees that inspired the atmosphere and the episodes in the story of the Adventures of Pinocchio. Amidst all this inspiration, is the The Collodi Butterfly House. As you are guided through this fascinating world, observe the life cycle, from egg to butterfly, and notice the difference between the diurnal butterflies and the nocturnal ones (moths), understand the defensive purposes of the colors and designs of the caterpillars. This Pinocchio Park tour is an informative and inspirational learning curve for all the family.