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  • Day Trip to Chianti for Families

    Enjoy this day trip to Chianti with kids. Children will be charmed by the Frescobaldi castle. Kids learn about life on the farm while parents taste wine.


    • Embrace the Italian family tradition of local and authentic cuisine with your own family in a day trip to Chianti.
    • Tour a family-owned, medieval wine estate, including a wine tasting for the parents and a chance to meet the local farm animals, like the Chianina cow, for the kids
    • Visit the Frescobaldi castle where parents will learn how the wine is stored and aged before having a taste, and the whole family will enjoy a taste of pecorino cheeses, salami, prosciutto and olive oil
    • Drive through the green hills of Tuscany, dotted with grape vines and olive trees
  • Pizza-Making, Pienza, and Montepulciano

    Participate in a private pizza making lesson in Tuscany before strolling the historic hill towns of Pienza and Montepulciano.


    • Enjoy a private tour at a lovely local farm
    • Learn traditional pizza-making skills from a professional pizzaiolo, and make your own lunch
    • Stop by the Renaissance town of Pienza and try some of its famous Pecorino sheep milk cheese
    • Explore the charming town of Montepulciano, a town featured in major Hollywood cinema because of its enchanting appeal featured in major Hollywood cinema because of its enchanting appeal
  • Tuscan Countryside, Pisa, and Chocolate

    Enjoy this Tuscan countryside tour with a stop in Pisa. The whole family will love this visit to a traditional farm and chocolate factory.


    • Travel through the majestic countryside of Tuscany, viewing landscapes coved with vineyards, olive groves and farms containing the natural ingredients of the region’s classic cuisine
    • Taste elite wines, olive oils and Sardinian sheep’s milk cheeses as you discover the traditional cheese-making process of a family-owned fattoria
    • Climb the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa and enjoy a local lunch
    • Visit a highly acclaimed chocolate factory and choose between two tour options, both including a tasting
  • Tuscan Farm Day Trip for Families

    This half-day family day trip in Tuscany includes a visit to a farm with an authentically prepared Tuscan meal. View the animals and enjoy tastings.


    • A family friendly authentic Tuscan culinary adventure to learn insights into Italian food culture
    • Learn the traditional process of cheese-making by hand
    • Taste wine (parents), olive oils and Sardinian sheep cheeses like ricotta, pecorino and blue, all from the estate
    • Enjoy a real Tuscan lunch made from local fresh ingredients: wine, cheese, tuscan bread, schiacciata, caprese salad, seasonal vegetables and a small dessert