Day Trip to Chianti for Families

Enjoy this day trip to Chianti with kids. Children will be charmed by the Frescobaldi castle. Kids learn about life on the farm while parents taste wine.


  • Embrace the Italian family tradition of local and authentic cuisine with your own family in a day trip to Chianti.
  • Tour a family-owned, medieval wine estate, including a wine tasting for the parents and a chance to meet the local farm animals, like the Chianina cow, for the kids
  • Visit the Frescobaldi castle where parents will learn how the wine is stored and aged before having a taste, and the whole family will enjoy a taste of pecorino cheeses, salami, prosciutto and olive oil
  • Drive through the green hills of Tuscany, dotted with grape vines and olive trees


Chianti with Kids

Gastronomy traditions are an important aspect of the Italian family, so give your own family an authentic Tuscan experience with a culinary day trip to Chianti with kids. After long days of sightseeing, your kids will appreciate an active day in the Tuscan countryside experiencing a different side to Italian life. Your private driver will pick you up and you’ll drive through one of Italy’s top wine producing regions since the eleventh century to your first activity: a tour of a family-owned, medieval wine estate, centered around a wine tasting for the parents and a farm animal visit for the kids. Adults and children alike will have plenty to keep them busy on the estate, both together and separately.

Next you’ll stopover at a castle belonging to the Frescobaldi, an Italian noble family that has been producing wine since the Middle Ages. Step back in time by taking in the majestic estate. Parents will have the chance to learn how wine is stored and aged, and enjoy a tasting of the estate’s labels. Your family will also taste the Frescobaldi’s pecorino cheeses, salami, prosciutto and olive oil! After a day of family fun and Tuscan tasting, your driver will return you to your accommodation.