Detail of the St. Mark Cathedral in the city of Venezia (UNESCO world heritage site), Veneto, Italy

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It is true that the impression on anyone coming to Venice for the first time is unforgettable. Whether one arrives from the mainland crossing the lagoon in the train by the railway bridge, or moors in the heart of the city from the sea, the vision of this incomparable cityis an enchantment.With its 150 canals and 400 bridges this is a unique urban masterpiece which has canals instead of streets, boats instead of buses, and old bridges instead of subways. A wondrously unique city to please every one of the senses..a “must” for every traveller!

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Discover Venice and its landmarks with Italy’s Best guides who will provide the perfect historical and artistic introduction to the city. Exuberant, elegant and stylish, the city of Marco Polo, of the carnival, of 16th century masterpieces and stunning contemporary artworks, which line the banks of its canals. St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sighs, the gondolas, the lace of Burano and the glass of Murano, all contribute to the charm of the ancient capital of the “Serenissima.” With 150 canals and 400 bridges, this unique urban masterpiece, which has waterways instead of roads, boats instead of buses, and old bridges instead of subways, has been a powerful economic force for over eleven hundred years. Venice formed an important bridge between the east and west, where both goods and cultural traditions were exchanged, as can be witnessed in the arabesque motifs in the churches, or the Byzantine mosaics which adorn public, private and ecclesiastical buildings. An ancient city, which enthusiastically embraces the modern world, Venice is home to both museums, churches and public structures filled with 16th century masterpieces, and also to the Biennale, where artworks by the world’s most innovative living artists are exhibited.

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  • Discover Venice

    During this private Venice orientation tour, visit Piazza di San Marco, the Doge's Palace and other highlights of the lagoon.


    • Begin your adventure at the elegant Piazza San Marco, the political and religious heart of Venice
    • Admire the stunning golden mosaics and Byzantine-style domes of the Basilica of San Marco
    • Visit the adjacent Doge’s Palace, the center of Venice's maritime empire and a fascinating landmark
    • See one of the largest canvas works ever painted: the exquisite Renaissance masterpiece Paradiso by Tintoretto
    • Take a look at the famous Bridge of Sighs over the Rio di Palazzo
    • Climb up to the Loggia dei Cavalli for a close-up view of the famous equestrian statues or visit the Basilica's Pala d’Oro, a stunning gold altarpiece (optional)
    • Enjoy a breathtaking gondola ride down Venice's Grand Canal
  • Districts of Venice: A Walk Through Castello & the Arsenale

    This private tour takes in the Castello district of Venice, including the Arsenale. The tour includes a vaporetto trip to Palladio’s San Giorgio Maggiore.



    • Make a short vaporetto ride to Palladio‘s famous domed church, San Giorgio Maggiore
    • Admire a stupendous bird’s-eye view of the city from the vantage point of the church’s soaring brick Bell Tower
    • Stroll through the quintessentially Venetian Castello neighborhood, where the streets are filled with small workshops and everywhere there’s laundry hanging to dry
    • Enjoy another trip by vaporetto to the colossal Arsenale shipyard to see where Venice’s mighty flee was built
    • Take a look inside the Museo Storico Navale
  • Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour & Mask Making

    This Secret Itineraries Tour of the Doge’s Palace is followed by a mask making workshop, making a perfect day for the entire family.


    • Marvel at the magnificent frescoes by Tintoretto on the ceiling of the Hall of Four Doors
    • Get privileged insights into the private rooms in the palace like the Office of the Doge’s Secretary, the rooms of the Deputy of the Secret Works of the Council of Ten, the Office of the Grand Chancellor, and the Secret Chancellery
    • Continue to the Salon of the Regent to the Chancellery for some of Venice’s more sinister secrets, starting with the Torture Room and the Piombi (the attic prison which Casanova successfully escaped), the attic at Ponte della Paglia, and the Inquisitors’ Room
    • Finish your exclusive tour in the Room of the Three Heads and take a walk toward the Accademia bridge and the Dorsoduro area for great views of the Grand Canal
    • Visit an expert Venetian mask maker to learn about Venice’s most iconic product
    • Create your own mask with the tools, paints, techniques, and secrets of the experts
  • Doge’s Palace Secret Itinerary Tour

    Enjoy this visit to the Doge’s Palace on the Secret Itinerary tour to view areas of the palace normally closed to the public.



    • Start your secret reconnaissance in the Office of the Doge’s Secretary, the assistant to many of Venice’s ministers.
    • Move on to the rooms of the Deputy of the Secret Works of the Council of Ten.
    • See the Office of the Grand Chancellor, the only Venetian official elected directly by the Grand Council.
    • Explore the Secret Chancellery where cupboard-covered walls were once filled with documents charting both public acts and secret deals.
    • Continue from the Salon of the Regent to the Chancellery to some of Venice’s more sinister secrets, starting with the Torture Room.
    • Get privileged insights into the Piombi, the attic prison where Casanova, Venice’s famous lover and writer, was kept for months before he managed a successful escape.
    • Visit the attic at Ponte della Paglia where the walls bear coats of arms.
    • Marvel at the Inquisitors’ Room’s beautiful ceiling, decorated by Tintoretto.
    • Finish this exclusive tour at the Room of the Three Heads.
  • Jewish Venice

    Discover the history of Jewish Venice by starting in San Marco, meandering by the Rialto Bridge and ending in the Jewish Ghetto with an expert guide.


    • Start at Piazza San Marco, where the main decisions about foreign communities in the city were made
    • In front of the Doge’s Palace, learn about the Venetian government’s attitude towards the Papacy on one hand and Jews on the other
    • Continue to the Rialto Market area, and learn more about the economic history of the Jews in Venice
    • Cross the Grand Canal on a traghetto, a gondola ferry, to Cannaregio
    • Visit the three areas of the Ghetto: Ghetto Nuovo, Ghetto Vecchio, and Ghetto Novissimo
    • Take a look inside the small, well-curated Jewish Museum located in the Ghetto (optional)
  • Lagoon of Venice: Murano and Burano

    A half-day excursion to the islands of Murano and Burano in Venice, including a visit to a glass-blowing factory.



    • Explore the famous islands of Venice lagoon (Murano, Burano and Torcello) on a private comfortable motor boat.
    • Enjoy privileged, personalized attention from your expert English-speaking guide on this special private tour of Venice’s islands.
    • Visit a glass-blowing factory to see how age-old techniques are used to create exquisite pieces of art.
    • Visit the Museo Vetrario, one of the world’s largest Venetian glass collections, inside the impressive 17th-century Palazzo Giustinian.
    • Take a boat ride to the neighboring island of Burano.
    • Enjoy a complete tour of the island while soaking up the charm of this fishing town complete with nets and sail cloths, and learn about a tombolo, the local lace-making technique.
  • Marble and Mosaic Masters

    Enjoy exclusive visit to marble and mosaic workshops during this private Venice artisan tour, including the only remaining glass furnace in Venice.


    • Visit Giancarlo Comelato’s workshop where traditional techniques of sculpting marble are still used
    • Witness Giancarlo’s pride and passion for tradition and artisanship in the shop’s Marble Garden
    • Visit the Orsoni Mosaic Glass Furnace to see how glass sheets and mosaic tiles are made
    • See the ‘Library of Colors’ which contains countless tones, nuances, and colors beyond imagination showing the Orsoni family’s passion for mosaic art
  • St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours

    Tour St. Mark’s Basilica after hours with this exclusive experience from Italy’s Best. Enjoy a private tour with a VIP opening of St. Mark’s in Venice.



    • This tour itself is one big highlight! On this private after-hours visit, you’ll submerge yourself in the beauty and peace of the magnificent San Marco Basilica, with its mix of Italo-Byzantine, Gothic, and Romanesque styles
    • Marvel at the colorful columns that decorate the façade of the church
    • Admire the basilica’s world-famous gleaming, golden Byzantine mosaics
    • See the gorgeous Pala d’Oro, a golden altarpiece decorated with valuable jewels
    • Pass by the tomb of Saint Mark, the church’s namesake
    • View many more impressive pieces of art inside this incredible building
  • The Venetian School of Color: Frari and San Rocco

    This private Venice art tour is aimed at art lovers through a visit to the Frari church and school of San Rocco, with work by Titian and Tintoretto.


    • Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, the main Venetian Franciscan church
    • Admire the masterpieces by Venetian painters such as Bellini’s Sacra Conversazione, Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin, and works by Donatello, Veneziano, and Vivarini
    • Visit the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, the former seat of a religious brotherhood, and marvel at an unforgettable collection of paintings by Tintoretto
  • Venice Family Orientation Tour

    During this this Venice family orientation tour, tour the San Marco area and enjoy a private gondola ride while your gondolier highlights Venice’s history.


    • Start at one of the world’s most beautiful public squares, the elegant Piazza San Marco
    • At the eastern end of the spacious piazza, marvel at the impressive Basilica of San Marco
    • Enjoy a short boat ride across the Bacino di San Marco
    • Admire the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, which floats like a huge galleon in the lagoon
    • From the vantage point of the church’s soaring bell tower, be astounded at the stupendous bird’s-eye view of the city and the lagoon
    • Enjoy a private gondola ride as you glide through the waters of the Grand Canal
  • Venice Mask Makers & Rialto Market Tour

    Enjoy a visit to the bustling Rialto Market and then enjoy an exclusive tour of a Venetian making making workshop with a private guide.


    • Explore the local fruit, vegetable, and fish stands of the Rialto Food Market and learn about its history and daily activities
    • Enjoy the view from the top of the Rialto Bridge, the first bridge built over the Grand Canal
    • Sip a glass of wine and try the local finger food in one of the Rialto’s many wine bars
    • Explore the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari with its precious altarpieces by Titian and Bellini
    • Visit a Venetian mask-making workshop and learn about the different types and meanings of the city’s typical masks
  • Venice Tour for Kids

    With its boats, canals, islands, ancient mansions and mysterious alleyways, Venice is like a child’s fairytale come true. This tour offers an entertaining and informative look at Venice’s illustrious maritime past that is fun for the entire family.


    • Start at one of the world’s most beautiful squares, the elegant Piazza San Marco
    • At the eastern end of the spacious piazza, marvel at the impressive Basilica of San Marco
    • Enjoy a short boat ride across the Bacino di San Marco
    • Admire the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, which floats like a huge galleon on the lagoon
    • Enjoy another short boat ride across to the pier of the Zattere, a wide waterfront promenade
    • Visit the boat-building yard where the fascinating art of gondola making will be explained
    • Travel by yet another boat ride to the Arsenale, the shipyards where the war galleys and trading ships were built