St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours

Tour St. Mark’s Basilica after hours with this exclusive experience from Italy’s Best. Enjoy a private tour with a VIP opening of St. Mark’s in Venice.



  • This tour itself is one big highlight! On this private after-hours visit, you’ll submerge yourself in the beauty and peace of the magnificent San Marco Basilica, with its mix of Italo-Byzantine, Gothic, and Romanesque styles
  • Marvel at the colorful columns that decorate the façade of the church
  • Admire the basilica’s world-famous gleaming, golden Byzantine mosaics
  • See the gorgeous Pala d’Oro, a golden altarpiece decorated with valuable jewels
  • Pass by the tomb of Saint Mark, the church’s namesake
  • View many more impressive pieces of art inside this incredible building


Exclusive Experience: VIP Entry to St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours

At the eastern end of the spacious St Mark’s Square is the Basilica di San Marco, built in 1063. With its Byzantine-style domes and its stunning golden mosaics, the Basilica is a testament not only to Venice’s historical power as a maritime trading empire, but also to its political links with both East and West. Now, you can have a truly unique and unforgettable experience: a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica after it’s closed to the public for the day. During this exclusive tour of St. Mark’s Basilica after hours you’ll be in awe of the stunning art and architecture of one of the most famous basilicas in the world. Its magnificent golden mosaics and Byzantine-style domes are yours to discover in this after-hours tour. You’ll feel the power and wealth of Venice over the centuries and get a sense of the spiritual life of this fascinating seafaring society.

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