Venice’s Finest Museum: Palazzo Rezzonico

Enjoy the spectacular art collection and Rococo furnishings during this private Palazzo Rezzonico tour in Venice in the company of an expert guide.


  • Enjoy a spectacular view of the Grand Canal from the street entrance of Palazzo Rezzonico
  • Enter the Browning Mezzanine, which houses the Mestrovich Collection
  • Ascend the large staircase to the first floor to visit 11 rooms full of paintings and sculptures, including the Tiepolo-frescoed ballroom with its glistening glass chandeliers
  • Climb to the second floor, where you will visit the Alcove Room and the Chinese-style Green-Lacquered Room, among others, and admire works by Canaletto, Pietro Longhi, and Tiepolo
  • Continue to the top floor to see the reconstructed 18th-century Ai Do San Marchi Pharmacy, complete with original vases, alembics and vials


Palazzo Rezzonico Tour: Grand Splendor on the Grande Canal

Palazzo Rezzonico is considered to be one of Venice’s finest museums because of its unique and distinctive character. Situated in the Dorsoduro district on the right bank of the Grand Canal, this extravagant private residence showcases the glory of the city’s great patrician families. During this Palazzo Rezzonico tour you will ascend the Grand Staircase to admire the ballroom with its spectacular collection of Rococo furnishings, glistening glass chandeliers, and magnificent frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo, one of the 18th century’s greatest decorative painters. One floor above, among other delights, you’ll find the Chinese-style green-lacquered drawing room and impressive artwork that gives a glimpse into life in Venice during this gilded age. And you won’t want to miss the reconstructed 18th-century apothecary shop- complete with original furnishings and accoutrements -on the top floor.

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