Guided Vatican Experiences

  • Early Morning Vatican Museums TourEarly Morning Vatican Museums Tour

    Early Morning Vatican Museums Tour

    0 out of 5

    Enjoy privileged access to the Vatican, private early morning Vatican Museums tour in the company of an expert Vatican lecturer. Beat the queues by starting your tour one hour before the doors officially open to the general public.


    • Enter the world-famous Vatican before normal opening hours
    • Visit the Sistine Chapel with only few people inside
    • See top Vatican sites like the Apollo Belvedere statue, Raphael’s Rooms, Gallery of Maps, Gallery of Candelabra and the Gallery of Tapestries with a private guide
    • Be amazed by the sheer size of St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest ancient basilica in the world. With Skip the Line Access you’ll gain direct entry with no need to wait in line
    • Enter St Peter’s Basilica through a fast-track entrance

    Beat the Crowds: Solitude in the Sistine Chapel with this Early Morning Vatican Museums TourView one of the world's' most impressive art collections before the museum officially opens to the ...

    Duration : 4 hours
  • Skip the Line Vatican TourSkip the Line Vatican Tour

    Skip the Line Vatican Tour

    0 out of 5

    This private skip the line Vatican tour explores the splendors of the Vatican Museums, from the Raphael Rooms to the Sistine Chapel, as well as St. Peter’s.


    • Visit the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel skipping all lines at the entrance
    • Explore the most important sights of the Vatican Museums, from Apollo Belvedere and the Gallery of Tapestries to the Raphael Rooms
    • Enter St Peter’s Basilica using a privileged access and see the famous La Pieta sculpture

    Skip the Line Vatican Tour Avoid the infamous long queues for admissions to the Vatican Museum & St Peter's Meet your private English speaking tour guide at the entrance of the Vatican ...

    Duration : 4 hours
  • The Splendor of the Vatican GardensThe Splendor of the Vatican Gardens

    The Splendor of the Vatican Gardens

    0 out of 5

    Enjoy this exclusive, private Vatican Gardens tour, taking in the oldest gardens in Europe in the company of an expert Vatican lecturer.


    • Tour the Vatican Gardens on a 2-hour walking tour
    • Explore the Vatican Gardens’ serene sights like the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto
    • Hear stories of the gardens’ history from an expert guide specifically trained by the Vatican

    Vatican Gardens Tour, Exclusive View and Private AccessSee Saint Peter's as you've never seen it before with Italy's Best exclusive Vatican Gardens Tour. There is no better view of Michelangelo's ...

    Duration : 3 hours
  • Vatican Gardens and Vatican MuseumsVatican Gardens and Vatican Museums

    Vatican Gardens and Vatican Museums

    0 out of 5

    Experience the best Vatican Museums tour and private visit to the Vatican Gardens with an expert Vatican lecturer from Italy’s Best Rome.


    • Tour the top attractions of Vatican City with an expert English-speaking guide, skipping all entrance lines with privileged access passes
    • Explore the Vatican Gardens‘ tranquil sights like the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto
    • Visit the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel to admire the most famous frescoes in the world
    • Marvel at the ornate detail and design of St Peter’s Basilica, and see the famous La Pieta sculpture

    Best Vatican Museums Tour and Vatican Gardens Guided Visit Skip the long lines and follow your English-speaking guide through prearranged private access to the pristine Vatican Gardens. Undoubtedly exceptional and rich in ...

    Duration : 5 hours
  • Vatican Museums Night TourVatican Museums Night Tour

    Vatican Museums Night Tour

    0 out of 5

    This Vatican Museums night tour takes advantage of special opening times on Friday evening to tour the museum’s art collection with a private guide.


    • 3-hour Vatican night tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums. Witness the Vatican’s most treasured works at night without the daytime crowds, along side an expert English-speaking guide
    • Walk through the Gallery of Maps and Raphael’s Rooms inside the Vatican Museums Step inside the Sistine Chapel and experience Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ fresco

    An Evening at the Vatican: Vatican Museums Night Tour During the months of May through October, the Vatican stays open on Friday nights for an extra-special viewing of its renowned exhibits of ...

    Duration : 3 hours
  • Rome in One Day: The Colosseum and the VaticanRome in One Day: The Colosseum and the Vatican

    Rome in One Day: The Colosseum and the Vatican

    0 out of 5

    Visit Rome in one day with this luxury tour led by an English-speaking guide. Your driver will whisk you to the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and more.



    • Explore the second and third tiers of Rome’s Colosseum and learn about the gladiatorial games
    • Admire the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum
    • Wander the Piazza del Campidoglio on the Capitoline Hill
    • See top Roman attractions like the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona
    • Get the most from your Vatican visit: see the highlights of the museums and fully appreciate Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel, with the help of an expert, English-speaking guide
    • With Skip the Line access, you won’t waste time waiting in line, you’ll spend more time inside

    Get to know Rome in one day with this astounding tour! While relaxing in your own private limousine, you'll see the major sites and you'll also visit the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, ...

    Duration : 8 hours