Skip the Line Vatican Tour

This private skip the line Vatican tour explores the splendors of the Vatican Museums, from the Raphael Rooms to the Sistine Chapel, as well as St. Peter’s.


  • Visit the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel skipping all lines at the entrance
  • Explore the most important sights of the Vatican Museums, from Apollo Belvedere and the Gallery of Tapestries to the Raphael Rooms
  • Enter St Peter’s Basilica using a privileged access and see the famous La Pieta sculpture


Skip the Line Vatican Tour

Avoid the infamous long queues for admissions to the Vatican Museum & St Peter’s

Meet your private English speaking tour guide at the entrance of the Vatican Museums, then skip the line to enjoy a memorable visit to this world famous destination.

As you walk in the courtyard and through the papal palaces,the artwork presents an authentic sense of the museum’s special history. Through the windows, take a peek at the Vatican Garden’s gorgeous landscaping. See the celebrated rose gardens along with the serene greenery featuring botany from every continent. Every pope has spent time praying and meditating in this oasis.

Tour the Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel

Once inside, view highlights of the museum’s artwork from the Apollo Belvedere and the Gallery of Tapestries to Le Stanze di Raffaello (The Raphael Rooms) as your expert guide provides detailed commentary. Next enter the enchanting Sistine Chapel, where papal conclave takes place. Contemplate one of the most renowned works of the High Renaissance and let the vivid colours and bold figures of Michelangelo’s ceiling frescos and Last Judgement enchant you.

St. Peter’s Basilica In-Depth

Finally, Italy’s Best’s skip the line Vatican tour bypasses the long line and uses a privileged entrance to access St. Peter’s Basilica directly from the museum. Here you will see Bernini‘s Chair of St. Peter and Michelangelo’s Pietas well as the spectacular dome that he designed. As the burial place of St. Peter, Rome has always been considered a holy city, -a second Jerusalem. St. Peter’s Basilica, the greatest landmark of sacred architecture ever built, is stunning in size and magnitude. Having taken more than a century to complete (1506 to 1616) under the tutelage of eighteen popes, the fascinating history of this vast project can be found within the interior’s rich gilding, magnificent statuary and solemn papal monuments.