Gladiator School and Catacombs

A two-hour experience for kids at a gladiator school in Rome, followed by a visit to the ancient Roman catacombs for an underground experience.


  • Two-hour gladiator school course
  • Learn the history of gladiatorial games, their training regimes, and importance in the Roman empire
  • Recreate historical battles with the whole family
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the catacombs on the Appian Way


Gladiator School in Rome

Kids learn the skills of these historic warriors of antiquity. The two-hour gladiator school course begins with a history lesson. Learn the importance of gladiatoral games to Rome’s history, their training regime, and the different classification of gladiators.  Then, it’s time to duel…with plastic weapons of course! Your family will enjoy an athletic and education day recreating the historic battles that exemplify ancient Rome.

Underground Rome Catacombs

Follow this with a visit to the ancient Appian Way to see the Catacombs. Your private guide will lead you through this historic labyrinths by candlelight as you explore this underground burials site dating back to the second century.