Tasting Italy Glass by Glass

During this 3-hour Italian wine tasting in Rome you’ll taste 5 to 7 wines paired with appetizers, guided by an English-speaking sommelier.


  • Explore the basics of food and wine pairings with an English-speaking sommelier.
  • Get an overview of the history of wine making in an enoteca.
  • Taste a selection of 5 to 7 wines with appetizers.



Italian Wine Tasting

Italian wine may appear daunting and overwhelming at first glance, but this special Italian wine tasting will demystify the world of Italian wine for you. The focus of this custom Italian wine tasting is to sip, laugh, and learn as we explore the basics of food and wine pairing in an enoteca or two located in the historic center of Rome.

Did you ever look at an Italian wine list or wine label, and instead finding the wine you’ve been looking for, you’re confused and ask yourself several questions? Why is there a black rooster on the bottle? Is this even a red? What does D.O.C. mean? I’m just looking for a bottle of Merlot how do I find one? Your sommelier will give you an overview of the history of wine making and the basics of production, from the grape harvest to bottling and will highlight the characteristics of each grape variety, region and wine producer.

Wine Pairing in Rome

In pairing a selection of 5 to 7 wines with appetizers, you will have a chance to explore the local region of Lazio or, instead, sample wines from another region such as Tuscany, Sicily, or Le Marche. Sample meats, cheeses, honey, and bread all while learning how these items pair with a wide variety of wines.

An important part of Italian social culture, you will also learn how wine is an integral part of the Italian cultural experience. You may also learn new trends in Italian wine making, the characteristics of natural wine, and how to chose the perfect bottle of wine to bring home from your vacation.

By the end of the tasting, you’ll have a better understanding of Italian wine and will be able to confidently select a bottle that best suits your tastes. Cincin!

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