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  • Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour & Mask Making

    This Secret Itineraries Tour of the Doge’s Palace is followed by a mask making workshop, making a perfect day for the entire family.


    • Marvel at the magnificent frescoes by Tintoretto on the ceiling of the Hall of Four Doors
    • Get privileged insights into the private rooms in the palace like the Office of the Doge’s Secretary, the rooms of the Deputy of the Secret Works of the Council of Ten, the Office of the Grand Chancellor, and the Secret Chancellery
    • Continue to the Salon of the Regent to the Chancellery for some of Venice’s more sinister secrets, starting with the Torture Room and the Piombi (the attic prison which Casanova successfully escaped), the attic at Ponte della Paglia, and the Inquisitors’ Room
    • Finish your exclusive tour in the Room of the Three Heads and take a walk toward the Accademia bridge and the Dorsoduro area for great views of the Grand Canal
    • Visit an expert Venetian mask maker to learn about Venice’s most iconic product
    • Create your own mask with the tools, paints, techniques, and secrets of the experts
  • Doge’s Palace Secret Itinerary Tour

    Enjoy this visit to the Doge’s Palace on the Secret Itinerary tour to view areas of the palace normally closed to the public.



    • Start your secret reconnaissance in the Office of the Doge’s Secretary, the assistant to many of Venice’s ministers.
    • Move on to the rooms of the Deputy of the Secret Works of the Council of Ten.
    • See the Office of the Grand Chancellor, the only Venetian official elected directly by the Grand Council.
    • Explore the Secret Chancellery where cupboard-covered walls were once filled with documents charting both public acts and secret deals.
    • Continue from the Salon of the Regent to the Chancellery to some of Venice’s more sinister secrets, starting with the Torture Room.
    • Get privileged insights into the Piombi, the attic prison where Casanova, Venice’s famous lover and writer, was kept for months before he managed a successful escape.
    • Visit the attic at Ponte della Paglia where the walls bear coats of arms.
    • Marvel at the Inquisitors’ Room’s beautiful ceiling, decorated by Tintoretto.
    • Finish this exclusive tour at the Room of the Three Heads.
  • St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours

    Tour St. Mark’s Basilica after hours with this exclusive experience from Italy’s Best. Enjoy a private tour with a VIP opening of St. Mark’s in Venice.



    • This tour itself is one big highlight! On this private after-hours visit, you’ll submerge yourself in the beauty and peace of the magnificent San Marco Basilica, with its mix of Italo-Byzantine, Gothic, and Romanesque styles
    • Marvel at the colorful columns that decorate the façade of the church
    • Admire the basilica’s world-famous gleaming, golden Byzantine mosaics
    • See the gorgeous Pala d’Oro, a golden altarpiece decorated with valuable jewels
    • Pass by the tomb of Saint Mark, the church’s namesake
    • View many more impressive pieces of art inside this incredible building