Adventures in a Florentine Kitchen

This unique Florence cooking class by Boutique Florence lets you select ingredients at a local market and then return to the kitchen and cook a feast.


  • Lessons dedicated to a variety of culinary themes
  • Food photography and table¬†setting classes available upon request
  • Morning trip to local market to select ingredients
  • Cooking lesson under guidance of the chef



Florence Cooking Class

Italy’s Best is pleased to offer an exclusive Florence cooking class at a newly inaugurated and extremely unique cooking school that goes far beyond the traditional sense of the term. In addition to lessons dedicated to a variety of culinary themes, from traditional Tuscan dishes to fresh pasta to risotto to baking essentials, the school also offers food photography and table setting classes with some of the most renowned professionals in the field. Lessons begin in the morning with a shopping trip to local markets, where participants learn to select quality ingredients with the guidance of the chef. The lesson itself takes place in a gorgeous state-of-the-art kitchen that nonetheless feels like home.