Discover Siena

Discover a jewel of Tuscany with Italy’s Best’s luxury Siena tour. Take in the historic Gothic cathedral learning about the city’s unique history & culture.


  • Familiarize yourself with the classic sites and scenes of Siena with an introductory tour, discover the city’s unique history, art and culture
  • Visit key sites such as the Campo Piazza, the Palazzo Pubblico and the spectacular Romanesque/Gothic Duomo
  • Encounter a recent underground artistic, historical discovery
  • Various atypical sites can be included in your tour of Siena, as all tours can be customized


Siena Tour: History & Art in Tuscany

An hour’s drive south of Florence, Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. It rests on three red clay hills and has retained its orginal medieval atmosphere with steep narrow streets and predominantly Gothic architecture.

Italy’s Best introductory Siena Tour includes all the major sites of this charming hilltop town, believed by many to be quintessential Tuscany. See Piazza del Campo, the spectacular shell-shaped square where the world famous Palio horse race occurs twice a year. The race converges in front of Palazzo Pubblico, the seat of Siena’s government since the 13th century as well as a museum containing magnificent frescoes by prominent 14th century Sienese artists (optional). Go inside the Duomo, the city’s magnificent Romanesque/Gothic Cathedral which houses paintings and sculptures that span several centuries and an extraordinary marble inlay floor, a magnificent series of colored and engraved marble pictures that took two centuries to create. You could choose to visit the Museo dell’Opera (cathedral museum) which houses Duccio’s glorious Maest that once decorated the cathedral’s high altar or the recently discovered “crypt”, a series of underground rooms decorated with unusual frescoes. This discovery, believed to have been part of the early cathedral, has impacted the course of Sienese art history.