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January 2016

Toulouse Lautrec exhibit @ the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome

About 170 works of art coming from Budapest Arts Museum, are on display in Rome for a major exhibition on Toulouse Lautrec; the bohémien painter of the second half of the 19th century Paris, that aims to show the life of the artist from 1891 to 1900, just before his death, at only 36 years. The works being exhibited include [...]

October 2015

Marmore: the highest waterfall in Europe

“Horribly beautiful” – thus Lord Byron described the Marmore Waterfall, which he saw in 1817 during his Italian Grand Tour; he was so impressed by the falls’ grandeur and the roar of waters he wrote about it in the poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”. The cascata delle Marmore has captured the imagination of writers and painters since the 16th century and was [...]

September 2015

Castle of Angels

The castle, with its statuesque angel overlooking the city, dominates the Tiber river. It began as an emperor’s tomb, and progressed to becoming a refuge for popes and a notorious prison.  Initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The popes converted the structure into a castle. In 1277 Pope Nicholas III connected the [...]

Best views of Rome by day and by night

Where are the best spots to get the most beautiful views of Rome? PincioA beautiful fairytale like backdrop of a city from the Pincio, a balcony within the villa Borghese gardens. Definitely worth the effort to climb up the Spanish steps and make way to these beautiful gardens, dotted with white 230 marble busts. Once upon a time, it was outside the [...]

A day in the life of ancient Rome

Go shopping at the Roman Forums Every town had a big open space where people met, heard the latest news and went shopping. This was the ‘square’, or ‘fora’ in Latin, hence the Roman Forums. High streets were lined with lots of shops and farmers markets. Shops sold olive oil, pottery, cloths, food, wine, meat and spices. Romans love their bakeries too. Farming was important [...]

August 2015

The house of Livia in Rome

 The House of Livia is located on the Palatine Hill, Rome, and  is the gorgeous residence of Livia, the wife of Augustus. So, if you’re wandering around the ruins of the Palatine and curious how any of these ancient houses actually would have been decorated, here’s your chance. The House of Livia still boasts (fragments of) mosaic floors and beautiful [...]

Roman Forum light show

  When you visit Rome, make sure you walk by the Roman Forum at night: the new lighting system designed by Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro and his daughter Francesca was inaugurated to celebrate 2000 since the death of the Emperor Augustus in 14AD! It was a double celebration, as the lights went on, on the 21st of April, 2014, to [...]

What have the Roman’s ever done for us?

What have the Romans ever done for us? The Romans introduced many new building ideas and techniques, including concrete, bricks and the arch. The Pantheon in Rome is the world’s largest unsupported concrete dome, which measures almost 10 metres across. They bought us wine and medicine, and more besides.Roads and aqueducts Roman roads were used to improve the speed that armies, officials, [...]

July 2015


Via del Pie di Marmo translates to “Marble Foot Street”, and that’s exactly what you will find on it. A giant, ancient marble foot, clad in a sandal. It’s one of the wonderful things about exploring Rome, finding interesting treasures around each corner.It is named after a large marble foot perched on the side of the street that is all [...]