Best views of Rome by day and by night

Best views of Rome by day and by night

Where are the best spots to get the most beautiful views of Rome?


pincio 300x226 - Best views of Rome by day and by night

A beautiful fairytale like backdrop of a city from the Pincio, a balcony within the villa Borghese gardens. Definitely worth the effort to climb up the Spanish steps and make way to these beautiful gardens, dotted with white 230 marble busts. Once upon a time, it was outside the original boundaries of the ancient city of Rome, and was not one of the Seven hills of Rome, but it lies within the wall built by Roman Emperor Aurelian between 270 and 273.

Def a must around sunset, when the view is by far the most stunning.


PanoramaDalGianicolo 300x109 - Best views of Rome by day and by night

This is known as the city of seven hills, but actually Rome has more than that. Indeed, the Gianicolo (or Janiculum), the hill that affords the best view of Rome, is west of the Tiber and outside the ancient city, so it’s not counted among the ancient seven.In between the Vatican and the Trastevere, the panorama will take your breath away.

Besides a stunning view of Rome’s ancient landmarks, the Gianicolo gives you a quick and slightly more modern history lesson on the Italian Risorgimento, the 19th-century movement (and wars) that unified modern Italy. Busts of the heroes are scattered along the pathways, and looming over everything is a gigantic statue of the great bearded hero Giuseppe Garibaldi on horseback.

Michelangelo’s Dome

michelangelo dome - Best views of Rome by day and by night

Many visitors don’t know that it is possible to climb up to the top of St Peter’s dome ( the“cupola”), it is a fantastic experience, and a great opportunity to enjoy a view of Rome and to admire a top down view of St Peter’s basilica interior and Saint Peter’s Square.

You can take the elevator to the roof level (saving 320 steps), but if you want to be on the top of the cupola you must take the stairs for the last portion (551 steps in total).

After the brief elevator ride (or the first 320 steps), before your climb to the dome, you can stop and enjoy the view from the gallery inside the dome looking down into the basilica . Take a few moments to absorb the astonishing beauty of the cupola from within – and look down – the main altar.

Michelangelo himself designed this dome, which measures  135m (450 ft.) above the ground at its top and stretches 42m (139 ft.) in diameter. Legend has it that in deference to the Pantheon, Michelangelo made his dome 1.5m (5 ft.) shorter across, saying “I could build one bigger, but not more beautiful, than that of the Pantheon.”

Admission: The entrance cost is Cost 7 Euros for the elevator, 5 Euros for the stairs.

Vittorio Emmanuelle elevator 

vittoriano3 300x225 - Best views of Rome by day and by night vittoriano1 300x225 - Best views of Rome by day and by night

The Vittorio Emanuele II Monument in Rome, alternatively known as “The Wedding Cake,” the enormous monument was built in the early 20th century to honour unified Italy’s first king. Later, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was placed inside, along with a museum to Italian Reunification.

Undoubtedly the coolest attraction at the Vittoriano is the glass-walled elevator to the top, called “Rome from the Sky.” From the top of the monument, you get one of the best views of Rome from anywhere in the city. It overlooks the Forum, so you’ll get a great bird’s-eye view of that, plus you can see over much of the surrounding area. And if you happen to be one of the people who doesn’t like the look of the Vittoriano itself, then you’re in luck – it won’t be in any of your photos.

The trip up to the Quadrighe Terrace (as it’s called) in the elevator isn’t cheap at €7, and you’ve got to climb some stairs to even get to the level where the elevator starts. But the views are spectacular, and because it’s still relatively newly opened word hasn’t yet spread – so you might even be up there with a private viewing of Rome.

Location: Piazza Venezia
Admission: 7 Euros
Hours: Daily, 09:30-19:30 (16.30 winter)

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