Videocittà 1140x445 - NEW ROME ART EVENT: VIDEOCITTA'


Videocittà is back, in its third edition, and is scheduled for an inauguration on September 25th with special site-specific installations.

Videocittà, the festival of vision and moving image, was conceived and chaired by Francesco Rutelli to promote and support the crafts and creativity of the audiovisual sector, a sector in which Rome has a very strong and versed resumé ranging from film, to TV and video art. This year, Videocittà signed a partnership with Eur spa, and received funding from the Municipality, culminating into a 3-day festival of edgy events in the neighborhood of EUR from September 25th – 27th.

Videocittà 2 445x445 - NEW ROME ART EVENT: VIDEOCITTA'


For context, EUR is one of Rome’s most recently constructed neighborhoods, and one of the most cohesive architecturally. The district was conceived under Mussolini’s fascist rule and was the beginning seeds to creating the Third Rome, aka Rome an empire once more. The ground plan was to extend the city of Rome to the Ostia coastline, an expansion just under 20 kilometers long! Although the plan was never executed fully, what remains of this turbulent era is an extraordinarily unique neighborhood full of imposing yet bright marbled and stone buildings that were constructed under the classical philosphy of symmetry and simplicity. To contrast EUR’s architectural harmony will be the offbeat video art and performances of Videocittà.

In the heart of EUR is the Garden of Waterfalls (Giardino delle Cascate) that has been undergoing renovations for years. The 16-hectare green heart of the neighborhood is set to reopen with a bang, by hosting Videocittà’s site specific installations and performances. The goal, explains Rutelli, “is also to enhance a neighborhood, which is not only an icon of the past, but the fulcrum of a modern and current housing expansion with young families.”  The Giardino delle Cascate boasts an Italian garden aesthetic, with a system of terraces, waterfalls, water jets and two lookout points. The waterfalls garden reopens with video installations created by the Quiet Ensemble, a community of creatives who grew up at Sonar in Barcelona, ​​with a schedule of invisible orchestras. On stage, will be the Iranian-born artist Sevdaliza, for a live performance dedicated to the female identified community.  And of course, a great tribute to Ennio Morricone will happen on closing night via a contemporary concert by the Santa Cecilia Conservatory accompanied by moving images.

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