June 2017

Roses and ancient Roman rituals

During the Roman Empire, Rosalia or Rosaria was a festival of roses celebrated on various dates, primarily in May, but scattered through mid-July. The observance is sometimes called a rosatio (rose-adornment) or the dies rosationis, ‘day of rose-adornment’.  Flowers were traditional symbols of rejuvenation, rebirth, and in Greece and Rome, wreaths and garlands of flowers and greenery were worn by both men and women for festive occasions. [...]

Our favourite flowers in Rome

Flowers are all around us, in stone, frescoes, and marble. Here are a few of our favourite around the city.How gorgeous are these stones that form the shape of a flower at the fountain @ Piazza Mazzini, in the Prati neighbour, a ‘stones’ throw from the Vatican City. A great space to sit and enjoy a gelato in the [...]

May 2017

Michelangelo’s Pieta

Michelangelo’s marble masterpieces The Pieta Michelangelo was in his early 20’s when he carved this beautiful statue depicting Mary mourning the  death of her son Jesus. Upon witnessing this masterpiece, the Pope Julius II was so blown away by how life like it was, that he was moved to tears. It was this meeting between the two men that would change [...]

Eco friendly electric scooters for sustainable tourism in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!As of April 2017, it has been made possible to hire electric scooters, specially available for tourists, under a new scheme announced by Rome city council, to encourage transport options to travellers and let them explore the city ‘Roman Holiday’ style. A fleet of 240 electric scooters, that have zero emissions, for an [...]

Roman Holiday movie locations

When tourists visit Rome and book a tour, one of the most asked questions we get asked is ‘Where did they film Roman Holiday?’ Why? Because Audrey Hepburn is to Rome what Jackie O was to Capri or what Elizabeth Taylor was to Acapulco. She was the epitome of elegance without excess. Little did she know that one walk in the [...]

Macro museum street art exhibition

The Macro, Rome’s MOMA if you will, has a fab new exhibit ‘Cross the Streets’ looking at 40 years of street art and writing. The importance of street art as a unique avant-garde is explored in it’s different mediums, such as advertising, fashion, music, and film. Techniques and styles discussed are graffiti, pop-surrealism, stencil art, photography, and film. As the main curator of the [...]

Things to do in Rome: The Appian Way

All roads lead to Rome and the Romans were known for their gigantic freeways, one of their many engineering inventions. One such road is the Via Appia, also known as the Appian Way. Locally known as ‘the Queen of the roads’, it stretches all the way to the harbour of Brindisi. The mega road was originally constructed to connect Rome to Southern [...]