The Rome Museum of Pasta reopens

pasta red 1140x445 - The Rome Museum of Pasta reopens

The Rome Museum of Pasta reopens

Pasta making lesson 445x297 - The Rome Museum of Pasta reopens

One of the delights in visiting Rome as a tourist is to taste some of Italy’s many pasta dishes. But did you know that you can also visit the Museum of Pasta, bang in the middle of town, and learnable about the history of pasta. Everything from it’s evolution to how it is produced, and the creation of dried pasta which enabled it to be stored long periods and exported worldwide.

The only museum of it’s kind in the world, has rooms with a variety of different types of pasta, explaining traditional methods of making hand made pasta to contemporary modern technologic manufacture. With everything from wheat to spaghetti you shall surely appreciate all the more your next restaurant pasta dish.

Did you know that there are over 200 different pasta shapes? Many of which are regional. What may be traditional in Rome, is totally different to what you might find in Milan.

pasta red 445x356 - The Rome Museum of Pasta reopens

A fun day out for bambini to add to the itinerary. What’s your favourite pasta dish? Tweet us @ItalysBestRome.

Address: Via Flaminia 141- 00196 Roma
Admission Fee: €10 for adults.
Open: Daily 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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