Roman Holiday movie locations

When tourists visit Rome and book a tour, one of the most asked questions we get asked is ‘Where did they film Roman Holiday?’ Why? Because Audrey Hepburn is to Rome what Jackie O was to Capri or what Elizabeth Taylor was to Acapulco. She was the epitome of elegance without excess. Little did she know that one walk in the [...]

Macro museum street art exhibition

The Macro, Rome’s MOMA if you will, has a fab new exhibit ‘Cross the Streets’ looking at 40 years of street art and writing. The importance of street art as a unique avant-garde is explored in it’s different mediums, such as advertising, fashion, music, and film. Techniques and styles discussed are graffiti, pop-surrealism, stencil art, photography, and film. As the main curator of the [...]

Things to do in Rome: The Appian Way

All roads lead to Rome and the Romans were known for their gigantic freeways, one of their many engineering inventions. One such road is the Via Appia, also known as the Appian Way. Locally known as ‘the Queen of the roads’, it stretches all the way to the harbour of Brindisi. The mega road was originally constructed to connect Rome to Southern [...]

The Michigan Wolverines on tour with Italy’s Best

The Michigan Wolverines on tour with Italy’s Best When the Michigan Wolverines football team were in town they wanted nothing less than the best, and so it was Italy’s Best who toured them around Baroque Rome and the Vatican City. The Michigan Wolverines comprise of 27 varsity sports teams from the University of Michigan and compete in the NCAA’s Division I, [...]

Mausoleum of Augustus to be restored

The Mausoleum of Augustus, was built in 28BC for Augustus, the first Roman Emperor (from 27 BC-14AD) and is now being restored with the financial assistance of the Italian mobile phone company TIM. A whopping 6 million Euros has been donated towards the project and an estimated 10 million will be needed to complete the works, with the remaining [...]

Eataly to restore Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting in Milan

The Last Supper- Leonardo Da Vinci The famous masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper, will be restored again, this time funded by Eataly, the Italian food chain, owned by Oscar Farinetti. The 500 year old mural in the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent in Milan, will have the air cleaned inside the refectory adjusting the convent’s micro climate to [...]

Animal sculptures in Rome

Animal sculptures are hiding on every street corner and piazza in Rome, so next time you are sat, sipping a cappuccino, have a look around. Some are hidden and some are staring you right in the face! How many have you noticed? Here are a few of our favourite. LionsPiazza Campidoglio The stairs leading down from the Capitoline hill, have an [...]

The Colosseum: An Icon

“The Colosseum: An Icon” A fab new exhibition ‘The Colosseum: An Icon’ opened this week at the Colosseum, on the first floor of the Amphitheatre and runs through to January 2018. Ideal of you are looking for untold stories associated with the monument. Six million tourists a year visit the Colosseum, to marvel at its architectural genius and imagine the gladiators [...]