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April 2018

Museum Week 2018

 It’s Museum Week 2018! #MuseumWeek is a brilliant initiative created by Twitter and sponsored by UNESCO and is all about making the most of the museums of the world from 23rd to 29th April 2018. Worldwide, the most prestigious museums, galleries and libraries will celebrate their collections with hashtags different from day to day. With its 280,000 followers, @MuseiinComune is the first Italian museum [...]

March 2018

Palermo: The Cultural Capital of Italy 2018

2018 will be an annus mirabilis (miraculous year) for Palermo, the capital of Sicily, as it has been named ‘The Cultural Capital of Italy’ for 2018 and will also be hosting the 12th edition of Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. The last few years have been good to the city, in 2015 it was selected by Forbes as [...]

August 2017

The best 3 churches in Rome

Wandering around Rome, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with a multitude of museums and about a million must see churches. Which is why we have done the work for you, by picking the 3 best Baroque churches. Lets begin with Saint Peters Basilica. Saint Peters BasilicaThe worlds largest basilica housing Bernini’s 1634 bronze Baldacino masterpiece, was designed to overwhelm the viewer [...]

Roman houses beneath Palazzo Valentini

What lies beneath this building is breathtaking….Walking past the 16th century Palazzo Valentini in Rome, you would never think that it was housing an entire maze of ancient Roman houses with exquisite mosaics, waiting to be discovered. It was as much a surprise to them, when they discovered the ruins a mere decade ago, as it was to the Roman [...]

The Roman calendar

Enjoying the month of August? Did you know that Augustus added the month of August to the calendar? There were once ten months of the year. That’s right. The Roman calendar was 10 months, which is 304 days. They ignored the remaining 61 days, which fell in the middle of winter. The months began with March and were named Martius, [...]

July 2017

The Keats Shelley House in Rome

Just beside the Spanish Steps, the Baroque monument that’s on the top of your to do list, is the Keats Shelley Museum. Blink and you will miss it, but it’s definitely worth a visit as one of Rome’s many hidden historic gems. Most tourists don’t realise that the English Romantic Poet John Keats died of tuberculosis in Rome aged 25 [...]

The Rome Carriage Museum

Museo Delle Carrozze D’Epoca: The Horse Drawn Carriage Museum Want to see the original charriots used in the Films Ben Hur and The Gladiator? The Rome Horse Drawn Carriage Museum displays 159 old carriages, which are part of a collection of 600 collected over a 50 year period and on show within a 3000 square foot space. There is even the wagon [...]

June 2017

Roses and ancient Roman rituals

During the Roman Empire, Rosalia or Rosaria was a festival of roses celebrated on various dates, primarily in May, but scattered through mid-July. The observance is sometimes called a rosatio (rose-adornment) or the dies rosationis, ‘day of rose-adornment’.  Flowers were traditional symbols of rejuvenation, rebirth, and in Greece and Rome, wreaths and garlands of flowers and greenery were worn by both men and women for festive occasions. [...]