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July 2015

Iced coffee, the Italian way

Caffe al granita Iced coffee, the Italian way. Both bold and refreshing, this sweet coffee cooler is enjoyed by the locals on hot summer days in Sicily. Ingredients 1⁄2 cup sugar 1⁄3 cup strong brewed espresso Whipped cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans, for garnish Instructions Heat sugar and 1 cup water in a 2-qt. pan over medium-high heat. Dissolve sugar, stir in coffee; cool. Pour into [...]

January 2015

Best Mini Squares in Rome

What are the best ‘mini squares’ of Rome? Whilst the bigger more famous, Bernini made squares will be in your Rome guide books, the mini square,whilst they may not be as touristy, do offer magnificent ‘madonelle’, churches and wine bars to tempt you with.  A mix of off the beaten track and on the main drag, blink and you’ll miss [...]

Best Baroque monuments in Rome

Baroque marvels await you at every turn of the mind blowing maze that Rome is. But, where to begin? The best way to see Rome would be by booking a tour with Italy’s Best. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite Baroque monuments and masterpieces by Bernini, Borromini and Caravaggio.        Baroque is a period of artistic style [...]