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February 2015

Oscar winning Italian costumes exhibited at Palazzo Braschi, Rome

     The beautiful Palazzo Braschi is currently exhibiting a brilliant dedication to Italian costumes in cinema, that earned  their designers an Oscar. The exhibition features more than 100 original outfits, dozens of designs and a selection of objects from Italian and foreign films from the beginning to the present day, from the silent movies era to “The Great Beauty.” Dresses of your [...]

January 2015

Colosseum: 35 million donated by TODS

        Diego Della Valle, the managing director of Tod’s, has donated 35 million euros to restore the Colosseum. Here, he is using fashions millions for a good cause, to help restore one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. An Italian marketing mastermind for an architecturally worthy cause. Work started in December 2012. With the damage evident, [...]


Minerva, Rome’s multi tasking deity, was the Roman goddess of wisdom, war and medicine. Not to mention, weaving, crafts and magic. She is depicted with an owl, for wisdom and a shield, to represent her status as warrior goddess and is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Athena. Like Athena, Minerva was born from the head of her [...]