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November 2015

Top Ten delicious Tuscan dishes

   Top 10 foods and wines to try in Tuscany FettunaTuscan people worship their bread, their olive oil and the traditional bruschetta, which in Florence is known as fettunta. Order it to begin your meal and you’ll have a freshly toasted slice of Tuscan bread generously rubbed with garlic, lavishly drizzled with a green olive oil and sparingly sprinkled with salt. RibolitaIt’s [...]

October 2015

What’s the Difference? DOCG, DOC, and IGT Italian Wines

What’s the Difference? DOCG, DOC, and IGT Italian WinesPick up a bottle of Italian wine and you’re likely to see one of these designations somewhere on the label. What exactly to these letters stand for and what do they mean? Read on… In the second half of the 20th century, Italy decided to establish a series of laws to safeguard [...]

August 2015

Italian dishes you may want to try on your next trip to Italy

Everybody knows Italian food: mozzarella cheese, pastas, world-class wine but there’s so much more to Italian dishes. Most of the “stranger” Italian dishes were created out of necessity. By using the entire animal or buying the off-cuts, Italians throughout the centuries could save money and still eat a nutritious meal. They still refer to this type of cooking as cucina povera, or [...]

June 2015

Ferrari Tour of Italy

100 Ferraris drove around Rome today. Departing from Maranello, these red beauties were driven by clients from 37 different nations who wizzed around the Eternal city for the course of the fourth Ferrari Cavalcade. The event, which is reserved for Maranello’s most exclusive clients, takes place between Thursday June 25, and Monday June 29, and takes the lucky participants on a voyage of [...]

Maremma’s best beaches

The Maremma is the extensive area in Southern Tuscany, located in the province of Grosseto and characterized by old traditions, wild nature and wonderful beaches. It is perfect for a relaxing summer holiday! Here are Italy’s Best top 10 beaches of the Maremma. La FenigliaLa Feniglia is a big, wide sandy beach of dunes of about 7 kilometres that connects Monte [...]

May 2015

Terme: Day trip to the Roman baths

The area around Rome has a variety of spas and residents and visitors may find it difficult to decide where to go for pampering. Below is a brilliant option within a few miles from Montepulciano and within reasonable reach of the Eternal city. Terme di Chianciano These baths eight kilometres from Montepulciano in Tuscany include the Terme Sensoriali in the beautiful [...]

April 2015

Magnificent Maremma

Maremma: Mosaics and Morellino. Waking up in the majestic surroundings of lush Maremma, is the best of both worlds. A peaceful patch of Estruscan memory and medieval Borgo villages, not overdone, nor too touristic. In between the sea, ‘off the beaten track Tuscany’ and a mere 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Rome. Maremma is the gem that brings you the magic of [...]

Bomarzo monster park

  Bomarzo Monster Park. Monsters, mythological creatures and giants, made from stone, in a beautiful maze of an Italian garden. Salvador Dali was a fan, which says alot about the surreal aspect of the park. The Sacro Bosco, or the Park of the Monsters, a Mannerist monumental garden located in Bomarzo, was intended not to please, but to astonish, like many Manneristic works of art. The gardens were created during [...]

March 2015

Tuscany wine tour

Italy’s Best Wine Tours of Tuscany: The first officially established wine zone in the world. After a short ride from Rome or Florence you will be welcomed by an expert Tuscan sommelier, enjoy a guided wine tasting and explore the vineyard and cellars on off the beaten track best kept secret locations. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, [...]