Ferrari Tour of Italy

Ferrari Tour of Italy

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100 Ferraris drove around Rome today.

Departing from Maranello, these red beauties were driven by clients from 37 different nations who wizzed around the Eternal city for the course of the fourth Ferrari Cavalcade.

The event, which is reserved for Maranello’s most exclusive clients, takes place between Thursday June 25, and Monday June 29, and takes the lucky participants on a voyage of discovery of some of Italy’s most beautiful locations.

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The Cavalcade was launched by Ferrari specifically to introduce clients from all over the world (America, Japan, the Middle East, South East Asia, New Zealand) to the most famous corners of the nation and thereby showcase Italy’s excellent art, history, gastronomy and regional specialities. The first edition was held in Emilia Romagna in 2012 while it was the turn of Tuscany in 2013. Last year, the Cavalcade explored the most spectacular areas of Sicily.

For the fourth edition, Ferrari chose Rome, the Italian capital and a timelessly alluring city with an unparalleled historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Participants will be driving their cars along spectacular panoramic roads skirting both lakes and coast. They will also visit some of our most beautiful medieval cities and tackle the historic Monte Terminillo hillclimb. Last but very far from least, they will give vent to their cars’ potential at the famous Vallelunga Circuit.

All of this, of course, in addition to sampling the Dolce Vita and spending five days immersed in the magical atmosphere of the Eternal City.

The 100 Ferraris entered for the event include no less than 15 special limited edition LaFerraris. As well as all of the cars in the current range, enthusiasts and tifosi will have the opportunity to admire many of our great models of the past.

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This year, the Cavalcade also makes its first foray beyond Italian borders when it touches down in California between August 10 and 14.

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Book a tour with Italy’s Best of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

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