Terme: Day trip to the Roman baths

Terme: Day trip to the Roman baths

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The area around Rome has a variety of spas and residents and visitors may find it difficult to decide where to go for pampering. Below is a brilliant option within a few miles from Montepulciano and within reasonable reach of the Eternal city.

Terme di Chianciano

These baths eight kilometres from Montepulciano in Tuscany include the Terme Sensoriali in the beautiful park of Acquasanta. Here the five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth, are part of a wellness programme to harmonize body and soul.

For 39 Euros, you are given a four-hour itinerary plus welcome pack and a guided tour of the centre, including the maze of saunas, mud rooms and indoor and outdoor baths. There is a music room, a womb room and various scented rooms where you sit in a chair and just smell the camomile or lime being pumped out of the walls. The idea is that you will be at one with nature through the stimulation of the different senses. There are around 20 different experiences achieved by four routes through the spa, all organised by naturotherapy experts: detoxifying, energising, rebalancing and relaxing.

The basement is a mysterious hub of mud rooms where you can meditate while covered in your chosen type of mud in 20-minute sessions for maximum benefit. A choice of saunas, yoga rooms, music therapy and hot tub hydro massage for the arthritic are also available and there is even a mint shower.
Villaggio Termale is another aspect to the complex, offering painting, archery, golf and mountain bike excursions among other things. There is also a babysitting service. Towelling dressing gown, slippers and shower cap are provided.

Why not book an Italy’s Best Wine Tour of Tuscany, and combine the two!

Terme Sensoriali, Piazza Matiri Perugini, Chianciano Terme, www.termesensoriali.it

Daily 10.00 to 22.00.
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