Rome to Amalfi Coast – Pompeii

This luxury Rome to Pompeii sightseeing transfer in a Mercedes includes a 2-hour stop in the archeological site, with a drop off in the Amalfi Coast.


  • Leave Rome in the morning to travel to the Amalfi Coast, making a stopover in Pompeii
  • Explore the UNESCO-listed ancient ruins of Pompeii with a local expert guide
  • Discover nearby attractions such as the notorious Mount Vesuvius, or notable WWII sites such as Montecassino Abbey
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant to taste the region’s exquisite cuisine


Rome to Pompeii Sightseeing Transfer

On your way to the Amalfi Coast we would like to offer you an inimitable opportunity, to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii. With a local expert guide you will visit the impressively preserved ruins of this ancient town, which was destroyed by ash and pumice in the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. This Rome to Pompeii sightseeing transfer is your chance to travel back in time, to see a glimpse of the life that once was, before the dismay that befell this intriguing city. Discover the magnificent amphitheater, the stately homes of the Roman nobility, the taverns and restaurants, as well as the artifacts and lovely works of art. On the way to Pompeii your driver will point out other interesting attractions including notable WWII sites, such as Montecassino Abbey, and of course Mount Vesuvius, the perpetrator of Pompeii’s dire past, which remains the only active volcano around. Your flexible driver will stop en route whenever you wish, even to simply stretch your legs and have a coffee. He will also suggest a local hot spot for lunch before taking you to your final destination on the Amalfi Coast.