Roman Field Trips: Are Green Activities the Answer to Travel during Covid 19?

Roman Field Trips: Are Green Activities the Answer to Travel during Covid 19?

Tying together cultural heritage, urban and natural landscapes and contemporary art, Italy’s Best aspires to push Italy as a forerunner of sustainable tourism. But under the current pandemic of Covid19, our trip planning has been put to the test. Now that Italy is preparing to open borders, open businesses, and lift restrictions, how can we enjoy Italy safely and at a socially responsible distance?

View of Lake Nemi

Our first suggestion is getting to know the region of Lazio and the Roman countryside, aka, the campagna romana, on a Roman field trip. Hiking it often recognized as a low impact activity on the environment and a way to enjoy fresh air with few crowds. In Italy, hiking also means you can visit picturesque, medieval hill-top towns or pass ancient Roman ruins romantically tangled in vines. Hiking trails are also socially responsible because they bring in tourists to small towns who can thrive off of the socio-economic benefits of tourism.

By going on one of the following hikes, you will be supporting tourism diffusion and the growth of local economies, which rarely see the benefits of big-city tourism, all while admiring Italy’s rich flora and fauna and archeological remains.  And, don’t worry! These hikes can be designed for all levels, following trails as easy as a beach boardwalk stroll to serious hiking. Reach out to Italy’s Best to be put in touch with one of our knowledgeable hiking and tourism experts for your next vacation.

Trail 515 Nemi

View along Lake Albano

Kicking off Trail 515 Nemi, start with visit to the Ancient Roman Ship Museum and find splendid examples of early water engineering. Continue hiking through the deciduous woods of Lazio and listen to the songs of the multitude of birds who populate the area.  Catch glimpses of the volcanic Lake of Nemi through the tree canopies and breathe in the fresh air of this little biosphere. Difficulty and Distance: Easy, 6 kilometers. About 1 hour and thirty minutes on trails.

Lago Albano Trail

Located in the heart of the Castelli Romani, Trail 510 Periplo Lago Albano, winds you around one of Italy’s most famous lakes and gives you glimpses of ancient ruins.  Not far from Castel Gondolfo – the Pope’s summer residence, which you can stop in and tour – venture into some of the most beautiful Roman hills. A highlight is the 1st century BC Doric Nymphaeum, an incomplete and abandoned ancient Roman hydro engine. Attributed to Domitian, the massive structure measures 11 meters in length, 6 in width and 8 in height and was only rediscovered by chance during an excavation carried out in 1723. Continue the rest of the trail through the through majestic chestnut trees. Difficulty and Distance: Easy, 9.5 kilometers. About 2 hour and thirty minutes on trails.


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