Rome’s roses

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Rome’s roses

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image - Rome's roses

Rome’s beautiful rose garden is a bellissima multi coloured breath of mother nature, minutes from the ancient ruins of Circus Maximus, on Via di Valle Murcia.

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Established in 1931, this gem is open to the public. Over 1100 varieties of roses are grown there, many of them gifts from countries around the world. It covers 10,000 m square and each section has rose varieties characteristic of, or grown in, the respective variety. The park also has an experimental section where new varieties of roses are tested for their suitability for public and private gardens in Italy.

Walking around the Roses

The rose garden is split into two sections: the upper one shows the permanent collection of varieties of roses, grouped on a chronological basis.

Rome and it’s Roses: Did you know?

It rains roses in the Pantheon every year for Pentecost. What could be more beautiful than witnessing rose petals falling through the oculus?


The Romans drank Muslum, a type of cocktail with a mix of rose petals, honey and black pepper. Delicious.


Whilst many of the roses in the rose garden are dedicated to famous historical figures, the design of the garden itself is in the shape of a menorah, honouring the plots location, which is where Rome’s Jewish cemetery was before, with the approval of the Jewish community, being transformed into this breathtaking garden.

When and where

Via di Valle Murcia

May – late June, during which visitors can admire the roses from 8.00am – 7.30pm

May is one of the most beautiful months to visit Rome.

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