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January 2016

Bucatini alla Milanese

Want a delicious Italian recipe to warm up the cold January nights? Popular in Sicily, where it’s known as c’anciova e muddica, this pasta dish combines savoury and sweet flavours with the crunch of toasted muddica—Sicilian for mollica, or bread crumbs. According to some, Sicilians working in the north of Italy would prepare this pasta dish using salt-packed anchovies and [...]

December 2015

Panettone or Pandoro

Panettone or Pandoro What’s the difference? Panettone is a Milanese delicacy and Pandoro is Veronese.  Both taste great and both cities are great Christmas destinations. Originally from Milan, Panettone has a domed shape, with a soft and airy interior beneath a dark exterior. The cake dough requires several hours to make because it must be cured in a way similar to sourdough, [...]

What to do in Rome this Christmas?

Rome is a top Italian city to visit during the Christmas holiday season and the place where the celebration of Christmas originated. The first Christmas mass was said at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the earliest known permanent nativity was created for the Rome Jubilee in 1300. Here are the top Rome Christmas sights during the Christmas holiday [...]

November 2015

modena: balsamic vinegar

Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy are the only two cities in the world that make a special kind of balsamic vinegar known as “tradizionale,” which dates back to the 11th century. Regulations exists to safeguard the process of making tradizionale. For example, the thick syrup must be made with local sweet white grapes, the vinegar must be aged in traditional [...]

Rome in the winter

It’s no secret that we love Italy, but we especially love Rome in the autumn and winter. Why? There are many delicious food festivals to devour, be it the wine, truffles or chesnut festival. It’s a food-lovers dream. During the first and second weekends of October head to Soriano nel Cimino, just a few kilometers north of Rome, for the Sagra della Castagna, or [...]

October 2015

What’s the Difference? DOCG, DOC, and IGT Italian Wines

What’s the Difference? DOCG, DOC, and IGT Italian WinesPick up a bottle of Italian wine and you’re likely to see one of these designations somewhere on the label. What exactly to these letters stand for and what do they mean? Read on… In the second half of the 20th century, Italy decided to establish a series of laws to safeguard [...]

September 2015

Best wine bars in Rome

Best wine bars in RomeWine bars: ‘Enoteca’ and ‘Vinoteca’ With these words, you will be welcomed with a wine, and most likely by the in house somellier. With tapas style snacks, to match the wine, more often that not, this will be included in the price of a wine, before dinner, around 6-8pm. A typical Italian tradition, which began in Milan. Most [...]

August 2015

Best markets in Rome

   Rome’s markets: you don’t have to look far to find the best tomaoes and more delicious Italian products at their freshest. Markets can be found in every rioni (or district) of Rome and are called mercati rionali. Rome locals buy their produce from the descendants of the very vendors their grandparents bought produce from. Banter is expected and usually happens in Romanaccio [...]

Best rooftop bars in rome

Balmy evenings in Rome, mean one thing and one thing only, drinks or dinner with a panoramic view over the domes over the Eternal city? Here are our favourite rooftops for summer. Rome’s majestic dome view has a multitude of architectural styles: Baroque, ancient and a bit of 19th century. 1. Hotel Eden Dorchester CollectionCampari’s at dawn. This view is well worth [...]