Rome in the winter

Rome in the winter

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It’s no secret that we love Italy, but we especially love Rome in the autumn and winter.


There are many delicious food festivals to devour, be it the wine, truffles or chesnut festival.

It’s a food-lovers dream.

During the first and second weekends of October head to Soriano nel Cimino, just a few kilometers north of Rome, for the Sagra della Castagna, or chestnut festival. Not only can you try chestnuts in dozens of different recipes, over the course of two weeks the town also reenacts local, historic events from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the fall, travelers can find dozens of sagre featuring fall specialties like truffles, grapes and wine throughout the entire region.

Unless you really love the heat, summer can be somewhat uncomfortable in Rome. If you want an absolutely lovely climate (with a bit more risk of rain), autumn is definitely the best time to visit Rome. It marks that magical time of the year when the oppressive heat of Rome’s summer is finally replaced by pleasant sunshine and optimal daytime temperatures.

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With such a pleasant climate, autumn in Rome is the perfect time to explore outdoors, beyond the main attractions. Visitors can enjoy the changing colors of fall with a long walk in Borghese Park. Get a hot drink at a café in the park, walk through the leaves or simply take a stroll to enjoy the fresh autumn air. Another great way to enjoy autumn is with a fun (and historic!) bike ride along the Appian Way, Rome’s first super highway.

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The quality of light this time of year is a photographer’s dream and makes for breathtaking views of Rome’s top sights!

If you’re in Rome in October, even though Italians don’t officially celebrate Halloween, you’ll easily be able to find concerts, clubs or events that celebrate the American/Celtic holiday. The real autumn holidays in Italy, however, are All Saints Day on November 1 and the Immaculate Conception on December 8, when schools are out and people have the day off work. It’s around this time that Italians begin decorating for Christmas and visitors can still catch a final glimpse of Rome’s autumn before the winter arrives!

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Rome has the feel of a village, with the cultural bonus of a European metropolis. But this is more so in the autumn, because the Renaissance palazzos and Baroque fountains are much less crowded, especially the Trastevere district, where there are also great neighbourhood trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitivo scene.

 By the way, mulled wine tastes even better in Rome. ‘vin Brulee’ in Italiano.
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