Panettone or Pandoro

Panettone or Pandoro

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Panettone or Pandoro

What’s the difference?

Panettone is a Milanese delicacy and Pandoro is Veronese.  Both taste great and both cities are great Christmas destinations.

Originally from Milan, Panettone has a domed shape, with a soft and airy interior beneath a dark exterior. The cake dough requires several hours to make because it must be cured in a way similar to sourdough, rising and falling three times before being baked. Traditionally, it contains candied orange, citron, and lemon zest, as well as raisins.

Pandoro, from Verona, means golden bread  and is the product of the ancient art of bread making. Sweet breads enriched with eggs, butter and sugar were reserved for nobility and were known as “golden bread”. Pandoro has an eight pointed-star section shape. It is often served dusted with icing sugar. Panettone and Pandoro are the classic Italian Christmas cakes. If you’re in doubt, simply get both, you won’t be disappointed!

Milan at Christmas comes alive, a huge Christmas tree stands in the Piazza del Duomo square alongside the Cathedral. Head for the large Christmas market, which stands outside the Castello Sforzesco, here you can buy your Christmas decorations and gifts and, of course, a Panettone to either eat yourself or give as a gift to your Christmas host. As the sun goes down, the city lights up, with even the trams festooned with Christmas lights.

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Pandoro’s distinctive star shape, dusted with icing sugar, resembles the snowy peaks of the Alps.It is not as rich Panettone, which might account for its popularity in the contest.

The choice is yours, the lighter Pandoro or the sweeter Panettone. Both cakes are delicious when served with the local sweet dessert wines, so whether you are staying in Milan or Verona, or wherever you are in the world, enjoying your Italian deserts, enjoy your Christmas festive delicacies and have a great holiday!

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