Best wine bars in Rome

Best wine bars in Rome

Best wine bars in Rome

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Wine bars: ‘Enoteca’ and ‘Vinoteca’

With these words, you will be welcomed with a wine, and most likely by the in house somellier. With tapas style snacks, to match the wine, more often that not, this will be included in the price of a wine, before dinner, around 6-8pm. A typical Italian tradition, which began in Milan.

Most Italians will meet up at a wine bar, before going for dinner, to drink a Campari, wine, or Aperole spritz, complimented by some Bruschette and olives.

Il Picolo Wine Bar

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Windy, breath taking, beautiful, Roman cobbled street, with red wine in the equation, makes for a brilliant evening. This bar is named the ‘tiny’ bar, because its  mini, Italian wine bar style. Brimming with Romans, not tourists. Three mins behind Piazza Navona. Just what the Dr ordered after a day of touring.

Via Governo Vecchio 74


Vin Allegro

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Watch the world go by, drinking a Nero D’Avola, with the local Trasteverini, in this buzzing district.

There is a buffet on the bar: a Roman style happy hour, nibbles and snacks, that come with a drink.

What more could you ask for. This is just by the river, so would be a good stop after touring the Jewish Ghetto, Campo dei Fiori, or even the Vatican City.

Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati, 114


Mimi & Coco’s

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More than a wine bar: the menu is tempting, with some delicious buffala mozarella to devour alongside their ‘from farm to table’ olives. A must visit bar, if you are in the Navona district and want something substantial before the ristorante open their doors.

Candle lit tables and watching the world walk by, just got better @ Mimi’s.

Just behind Piazza Navona (via Governo Vecchio)


Vivi Bistrot

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A wine bar inside a palace. 10 Euros drink with a buffet.

Looking out over Piazza Navona, from the Braschi Palace courtyard. Bernini plus wine, and maybe a bit of opera thrown in too. Welcome to Rome at it’s best.

Palazzo Braschi, (beside the Brazilian Embassy) @Piazza Navona

Buon divertimento.




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