Flashback Rome: go back in time

Flashback Rome: go back in time

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What shall I do this weekend in Rome? I want to become Caesar for the day, so it’s time to head to Flashback.

Three women running a small photographic studio in the Borgo area of Rome can make your dreams come true with a touch of their magic and a chosen robe, from their extensive wardrobe. Whether it be Renaissance Queen, Vestal Virgin, or Baroque diva, ‘Flashback’ and step into history.

Handmade dresses doused in historical handiwork is the name of the game. The dresses are handmade on site by the in house wardrobe expert team Amalia and Stefania. Baroque or Renaissance, you decide what mood you are in, you provide the pout and they will provide the flash.
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Privacy and the women’s expertise on hand, is what makes this studio work. No pretence or commercial tack. Elegance and decorum abound, from the privacy factor right down to the moment of shutter release, the momento of truth itself.

One feels at ease here, so just think what golden photo opportunities are on offer. With jewellery, wigs, crowns, armour, props, goblets, wine and fruit, just some of the novel props at hand to get you in the mood.
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There is everything to love about this place. The molto boudoir setting is determined by the red chaise longue, drapes and gilt mirrors. Now that’s a photo of a different colour! You’ll feel quite the queen on her throne.

Digital decadence is on your doorstep for those of you who live in Rome. The dressing rooms are so beautiful, you won’t even want to leave them. The only difficulty is deciding on which
century and which dress. But hurry before this place gets packed full of other would be Goddesses, or you’ll turn into a pumpkin!

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I sat down to have a goblet of wine and discuss dresses and jewellery with Amalia.

Dresses, camera, action

What is it that makes Flashback so unique?

The vintage touch is assured by Cinecittà film studio quality reproduction ancient Roman columns that decorate the back room, where it all happens. It’s as if you are sitting in a living room of a noble ancient Roman household. For Rome, this photo studio is the first of it’s kind.

After the mini photo shoot you choose the best shot with us, in the comfort of the relaxing lounge. A portrait really does make a fantastic choice for a wedding, anniversary or corporate gift. You can choose from a range of frames, and create calenders and magnets from your photos should you so desire.

Are you the first Flashback?


What is your favourite dress?

My favourite one from the Renaissance era is a wedding dress in pale blue and green brocade. People’s favourite Ancient Roman costume is the one of the Roman general, with a bronze eagle on leather-
made armour.

Which outfit would you wear to the ball?

For the ball, I would wear a beautiful wide Baroque dress, with gleaming jewels.

Having noted that it is such a relaxing vibe the second you step foot in the door, off the bustling Roman streets outside. I wondered how do you deal with clients who are timid about dressing up and having their picture taken?

We try and create a relaxing atmosphere. We are happy and cheerful. Dressing up is so much fun, that even the most timid ones get carried away with the idea of stepping back into history.

Did you always have a passion for costumes?

The passion for tailoring, for history and for photography united together are the foundations of Flashback, where these three elements culminate in one special experience.

From thirty euros for a couple’s portrait, see website for more details and special offers.
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Flash Back
V.le dei Bastioni di Michelangelo, 25
00192 – Roma
tel/fax +39 06 8893 0989

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