Barberini Bees Rome

Barberini Bees Rome

barberini - Barberini Bees Rome  barberini bee rome - Barberini Bees Rome

Bumble bees are carved into marble and wood, woven into curtains, and dominating just about every square in Rome. The bee is the crest of the powerful Barberini family. The Barberini family were originally a family of minor nobility from the Tuscan town of Barberino Val d’Elsa, who made their money as wool and textile merchants. Their influence peaked with the election of Cardinal Maffeo Barberini to the papal throne in 1623, as Pope Urban VIII. The Barberini are to Rome, what the Medici are to Florence.

The wealth of the Barberini dynasty meant that they commissioned many a beautiful monument embellished with the three bumble bees.

Been to Rome, but never noticed the bees?

These are some of the most beautiful bees to discover on your next trip to Rome.

barberini window - Barberini Bees Rome

Stained glass window with bumble bees in the Basilica Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, Rome

barberini 3 - Barberini Bees Rome  barberini bee det - Barberini Bees Rome  barberini bee 80 - Barberini Bees Rome

When walking around the city, look out for these Barberini coat of arms on many palaces and churches, especially in Piazza Barberini, home to the family residence, Palazzo Barberini, completed in 1633 by Bernini.

barberini rome - Barberini Bees Rome

The Barberini coat of arms: Three bees, the crown and the keys. Where are these bees? On the base of the Baldacchino, Bernini’s bronze masterpiece, in Saint Peters Basilica, the largest church in the world. Bernini was in demand, as one of the main artists patronised by the Barberini.

barberini balducin - Barberini Bees Rome Baldacchino


barberini bee detail - Barberini Bees Rome Bee fountain, Piazza Barberini

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