Chanel exhibition ‘Metiers d’Art’ at Cinecittà

Chanel exhibition ‘Metiers d’Art’ at Cinecittà

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Cinecittà, the hub of the Italian film industry, hosted the Chanel fashion show ‘Metiers d’Art’, at Studio 5, on a set that took six weeks to build, and nine days to dismantle. The theme of the set was a romantic Paris neighbourhood, was complete with a Metro stop, oyster bar, ice cream parlour, florist, wine merchant and cheese shop.

The Chanel maison design house chose Cinecitta as it’s location because it wanted to showcase within a special setting, like “Hollywood on the Tiber river”.

The set was designed as monochrome, because back in the day, there was no need for colour sets, because things were filmed in black and white.

When in Rome!

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