Chocolate box designs – the Italian way

Chocolate box designs – the Italian way

If these bags look good enough to eat, that’s because they are! These beautiful limited edition bags designed by Perugina chocolate house, premiered at Milan Fashion Week 2013. Mixing chocolate with ‘moda’.

Italy’s Best love these brilliant Italian chocolate box designs by Perugina.

Bottles of perfume, or a box of delicious Italian chocolates?

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Perugina’s Bacio chocolates, as well as their other chocolate and candy products, are still made in their sprawling modern factory on the outskirts of Perugia. Their advertising posters and marketing materials over the past century are to Italy what the historic Coca-Cola ads are to America. The progression of Perugina’s advertising images parallels the evolution of modern popular art in Italy.

Italy’s Best arrange tours of the exciting, and mysterious, chocolate factory. Chocolate tastings aside, the tour is worth a visit for the artworks alone.

Molto bello!

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