Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome


Gelato might be a dime in dozen in Italy, particularly in Rome, but a good gelateria is not. There are many tourist traps to be found where not only the quality of the gelato itself not up to par, but these places also use artificial ingredients. One way to start discerning the good from the bad is to always look for the ingredient list at any place you go! If the list is hidden from plain sight, be wary. Here are some of our favorite gelato places in Rome.

1) Gelateria del Teatro – Two locations: Via del San Simone 70 near Via dei Coronari and Lungotevere dei Vallati 25, near Ponte Garibaldi
2) Fatamorgana – Various locations but the most central ones are Piazza degli Zingari 5 in Monti; Via Laurina 10 near the Spanish Steps; and Via Roma Libera 11 in Trastevere
3) Come il Latte – Via Silvio Spaventa 24 – 26, not far from Santa Maria della Vittoria
4) Gelateria dei Gracchi – Via dei Gracchi 272 in Prati, not far from the Vatican


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