Gucci Museum: bags, bags and more bags

Gucci Museum: bags, bags and more bags

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The Gucci Museum in Florence, showcases the luggage and high-end clothing that have fuelled the company’s success.

Located in the Palazzo della Mercanzia, the museum is only a few steps away from the 13th century Palazzo Vecchio and ten mins walk from Michelangelo’s David. The museum features an exhibit showing how their logo has evolved since Guccio Gucci, a former porter at London’s Savoy Hotel, founded the company in 1921.

Guccio Gucci recognised the status and the art in the elegant cases of the guests who came through The Savoy in London, where he worked as a lift boy as a teenager. When he established his famous fashion house in Florence, it was this glamour of travel that he first emulated. On display are some of the beautiful vintage luggage cases and bags from the 1920s and 30s.

Today bags might be chosen based on convenience and other such boring practicalities. But this wasn’t always the way. There was a time when travel was more exclusive than today, when the jetsetters of the world were making a statement not just by doing it – but how they did it. The bag, the luggage, was part of the equation that made up the La Dolce Vita, designer lifestyle.

Covering 18,460 square feet over three floors, the museum is arranged by theme, bags, luggage, belts, evening wear, the Bamboo bag. Gucci handbags have in turn become the fashion house’s signature, with the most iconic models being the Bamboo bag, and the Jackie bag.

Bamboo Bag

The Bamboo bag takes anything from 13 hours to 4 days to make, with 130 compartments that make up the bag, being made by hand.

While wandering around the museum as you’ll be able to see some rare photograph’s from the brand’s history.

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On the ground floor there’s a coffee shop and bookshop and some cool fashion coffee table books to browse with your espresso.

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