Rome via Babuino fountain restored by Brioni

Rome via Babuino fountain restored by Brioni

banuino 8 300x300 - Rome via Babuino fountain restored by Brioni

The Fontana del Babuino on the central Via del Babuino, by the  Spanish steps, is undergoing a €25,000 restoration, sponsored by Rome-based clothing company Brioni and overseen by the city. The renovation works on the fountain, currently in poor repair, will take 50 days.

Located beside the Chiesa di S. Atanasio dei Greci, the statue depicts a reclining Silenus, the half-man, half-goat from ancient Greek mythology. The monument was built in the late 16th century for the wealthy merchant Patrizio Grandi who, according to the then custom, obtained free water for personal use in exchange for donating the fountain to the city.

Romans considered the representation of Silenus ugly, resembling more a baboon, or “babbuino”, than a satyr. The name stuck and the street – originally named Via Clementina in honour of Pope Clement VII Medici (1523-1534) – became known as Via del Babuino.

The fountain joined Rome’s so-called talking statues, along with that of Pasquino (off Piazza Navona), Madama Lucrezia (Piazza Venezia), Marforio (Capitoline Museums), Facchino (close to the senate) and Abate Luigi (beside the church of S. Andrea della Valle). It was customary in the 16th century for Romans to attach pasquinades — anonymous satirical complaints directed at public figures — to these monuments, a tradition that has continued to modern times.

On 3 November Rome’s Trevi Fountain was unveiled following a €2 million restoration sponsored by fashion house Fendi and the Spanish Steps are being restored by Bulgari, who donated 1 million euros.

This is much becoming a trend, that fashion houses donate money to aid restoration of Rome’s beautiful monuments. If you want to see these brightly restored fountains and statues, then book a tailor made tour with Italy’s Best, to make the most of your time in Italy.

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