Ruins from the Flavian Dynasty in Rome

Ruins from the Flavian Dynasty in Rome

Remains from Domitian’s Palace on Palatine Hill

Part of Rome’s charm and appeal is the juxtaposition of the modern with the ancient as traces of nearly all eras of the Eternal City’s past can be found throughout. Just like the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, there are ruins remaining from the Flavian Dynasty, the Roman Empire’s second reigning dynasty. Here are some of our favorites below:

  • Arguably one of the world’s most iconic landmarks: The Colosseum! It was called the Flavian amphitheatre and was started by Vespasian (69 – 79 AD) in 70 AD and completed in 80 AD under his son and heir Titus (79 – 81 AD)
  • Remains of the Palace of Emperor Domitian (81 – 96 AD) on Palatine Hill
  • Pompeii – although not technically in Rome, Pompeii was part of the Roman Empire when Vesuvius erupted under the reign of Titus in 79 AD.

Today Pompeii is one of Italy’s most visited sites and if you’re interested in taking a day trip there when you’re in Rome or including as part of a larger itinerary, contact us (Luca & Lorenzo) at We have private drivers who can bring you there and we can even give you access to some sites not usually open to the public!


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