Springtime In Rome

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Springtime In Rome

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April- Springtime In Rome

If Spring is the season you plan your trip to Rome, here are some seasonal things to look out for and think about.

The weather may be a little unpredictable, one moment the sun is shining and the next it could rain, however the cold weather is surely over, so just remember to pack a cardigan or light jacket when staying out for the day and into the evening when it can get a little chilly, and even a fold up umbrella for the occasional rain.

You may notice the city isn’t to crowded, lucky you. Booking tables at the restaurants will be much easier and queuing anywhere will be less hassle. But if you plan to visit the obvious sites like the Vatican or Colosseum, then let your private guide know in advance to book your tickets, as when we say less queues, we don’t mean no queues, we mean not a mile long.

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The great thing about spring is the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the air is warm, so look out for the pink azaleas at the Spanish Steps which are picture postcard perfect in May.

And, along the back streets you will also see flower stalls selling fresh seasonal flowers and plants. Balconies of apartments will also proudly be showing off their ever growing mini gardens and terraces in bloom, as you meander around turning the street corners.

The locals start to come out and socialise after winter, strolling, sitting at cafes, and generally taking in the spring air. A time to meet friends and share aperitivo after the cold weather has gone.

Its warm enough to eat al-fresco and enjoy Italian food while people watching, so pick a good spot, and you will find plenty places with fairly priced menus for good value meals slightly more off the main roads as you explore the city.

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April means Easter, Holy Week and Good Friday to note as dates in the diary. A torch lit procession takes place led by the Pope from the Colosseum to the Palatine Hill (Via Crucis) for the stations of the cross, the journey Jesus took to his crucifixion before Easter. The procession is open to anyone who wants to join and thousands of Catholics will. If you want to get a glimpse of The Pope in the huge crowds that will amass, it is best to get to the square in front of the Colosseum, but get there early and stay put.

Dates are as follows for the Easter Vatican schedule this weekend:

April 15th 8.30pm Holy Saturday Easter Saturday, the Pope will hold an Easter Vigil in St Peters Basilica.

April 16th 10.15am Easter Sunday The Pope will lead Easter mass at St Peters Basilica, but if you have a ticket you must arrive much earlier to be seated.

April 16th 12pm After the mass the Pope will come out on the balcony of St Peters Basilica and deliver a blessing known as the Urbi et Orbi to the city and the world. This can be viewed for free with the crowds outside the Vatican.

April 17th  12pm Easter Monday  The Pope will make an open address in St Peters Square which is free to attend. (Easter Monday called Pasquetta) is also a holiday in Italy, so shops, banks and some restaurants will be closed. This though makes for a great day for a picnic! Or a day to rest.

It is free to attend all the masses at the Vatican, but tickets are required and can be retrieved from the Swiss Guards a few days ahead of schedule.

Please note: Having a ticket to a papal mass does not guarantee you a seat or place. The people are allowed in on a first come first serve basis. Getting there as early as possible is the best option and if you arrive and there are no more places (ticket or not) you will have to view the mass at a distance with the rest of the crowd. Which can be thousands. As you will not be allowed passed the barriers set up.

Buona Pasqua from everyone here at the Italy’s Best team.

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